Emmerdale fans impressed and shocked by dramatic double bill episode

Emmerdale Paul (Reece Dinsdale), Liv (Isobel Steele) and Jimmy (Nick Miles)
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Emmerdale fans were on the edge of their seats as The Dales was rocked by an explosive and deadly episode

Emmerdale Fans were left shocked and stunned by the dramatic stunt scenes in Thursday night's double bill, which left Paul Ashdale (Reece Dinsdale) dead and three more characters fighting for their lives in hospital.

Wedding Day Drama

The tension began to build as Liv confronted evil Paul in the wedding barn, determined to make him admit the horrific abuse he's been dishing out to his son and Liv's ex Vinny.

Fearless Liv then calls him, 'a sad, weak and pathetic little man,' which results in Paul slapping her hard across the face. He then pushes her into a table and starts kicking her with all his might.

Fans were impressed by Liv's bravery and how actor Isobel Victoria Steele has performed throughout this tough storyline, winning her the praise of fans, celebs and co-stars alike.

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Watch out Jimmy!

But as Paul is giving poor Liv a beating, Jimmy is in his van rushing to save Nicola. After a phone call from Mack claiming Nicola has gone after the dodgy PI that's been following them for weeks (which is a lie, he's actually just locked her in the van) and a phone call from Amy to remind him he's late to pick up his brood from kids club, Jimmy is desperate to get home.

But blinded by the sun he loses control and crashes into the wedding barn, making one Emmerdale fan jump out of their skin.

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Crash, boom, bang!

As the van hits the barn, Paul is sent flying, a gas canister is seen ominously falling and Liv is covered by debris. Jimmy wakes at the wheel and is able to get out and call an ambulance before collapsing outside the barn.

Back inside the ruined wedding venue a badly injured and trapped Paul pleads with Liv to help him. But Liv demands he admits what he's done to Vinny first, 'I want to hear you say it, admit it now,' she says with steely determination.

Paul does eventually confess he beats Vinny and hates himself for it, he even promises to leave the village for good, but Liv has heard enough and she thankfully escapes the barn. Seconds later there's a huge explosion, which impressed one fan.

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Emmerdale even gave fans a little insight into how they pulled off such an amazing stunt.

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Not everyone makes it out alive...

Back in the hospital, as Aaron is told Liv is lucky to be alive, an already upset Mandy is even more distressed when Vinny is rushed in on a hospital bed. Sam reveals he found him unconscious but before Mandy can ask anymore the doctors rush into Paul's hospital room.

Mandy then watches on as the doctors try and save her fiancé, but he's pronounced dead just moments later. Not many people will be sad to see the back of evil Paul, but one fan paid tribute to the acting talent of Reece Dinsdale who plays him.

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After such a dramatic week, Emmerdale fans might want time to catch their breath, but with so many more questions to answer, the drama certainly isn't over yet!

Emmerdale airs weekdays at 7pm with an extra episode on Thursdays at 8pm – see our TV Guide for full listings.

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