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FIRST LOOK: Meet the new metallic monster in Doctor Who!

(Image credit: Simon Ridgway)

An image has just been released of a new monster which will feature in Doctor Who when the series returns to BBC1 this autumn.

It’s a giant, greenish robotic creature that somehow looks like a puffed up metallic astronaut, and it's been snapped filming scenes today with director Ed Bazalgette at Penarth’s Cosmeston Medieval Village, near Cardiff.

(Image credit: Simon Ridgway)


Cosmeston is a well-known tourist spot that's been transformed into a Viking village for a forthcoming episode about the Vikings. The Doctor is no stranger to Vikings, however, having faced them before in a 1965 adventure The Time Meddler, with William Hartnell as The Doctor.

The latest Doctor, Peter Capaldi, should be excited by his new foe as he told us he always looks forward to seeing new monsters in the Doctor Who…

“The show has endured for so long because it’s always got new monsters in it as well as old favourites," said Peter. "There’s always a been fairytale aspect to Doctor Who – the Doctor takes you deep into the forest where there are monsters, but will return you to safety in the end and I think that’s very potent and it appeals to a family audience.”