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French star Clemence Poesy: 'I've turned English!'

French actress Clemence Poesy, star of Sky Atlantic's The Tunnel, has become so Anglicised she's slammed her countrymen for their inability to queue!

Clemence told TV & Satellite Week magazine: "For the past seven or eight years I’ve been working in the UK sometimes more than I have in France so I've turned English and I’ve more prejudices going back home," she laughs.

"The British won't learn French, but the French complain about everything and they don't queue. I went to a festival in Britain recently and the people were queuing and it was beautiful and they were so patient, I want to teach that to the French."

Clemence, best known for her role as Fleur Delacour in the Harry Potter films, stars in The Tunnel – Sky Atlantic's new British/French version of Scandinavian drama The Bridge – as a French detective who teams up with a British cop, played by Stephen Dillane, after a body is found at the mid-way point in the Channel Tunnel.

The drama, which premieres on Wednesday, October 16 at 9pm, sees various cultural differences arise between the two police officers.

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