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Friday Night Dinner creator addresses claims that the show will be ending

Friday Night Dinner
(Image credit: Mark Johnson)

Will we be seeing more from the Goodmans in future?

Friday Night Dinner creator Robert Popper has addressed claims this could be the sitcom's last series.

Previously, star Simon Bird hinted at the future of the series and revealed it was "probably the end".

But Robert Popper, writer and creator of the show, told the Radio Times that this wasn't the case.

Responding to Simon's comments, he joked, “That’s news to me!”

Friday Night Dinner

Simon Bird and Tom Rosenthal in Friday Night Dinner.

Clarifying his point, he added, “Simon said it feels like it could be the last one. Well, I’ve no plans to end it now.”

Friday Night Dinner has ran for five successful seasons, and there's a sixth one airing on C4 this month.

But fans could look forward to a seventh season in the future, even though it hasn't been officially confirmed yet.

Robert added, “You know, whenever you make a TV series, you always think, ‘Well, that’s probably our lot’ – you never really know."

Friday Night Dinner

The Goodmans could potentially be back for another season!

“But obviously, the show has now become successful, which is lovely. So you’d like to think they’d do it again. I think they would. But it’s also down to me, if I want to do it again. So I always have to think: do I want to do it again or not?”

He concluded by reminding fans just how much he loves the series, adding, “I love writing it. So who knows? I haven’t got a thought like ‘I want to end it’.”

Hopefully we'll have plenty more misadventures to look forward to involving the Goodmans and their weird neighbour Jim.

But for now, we can get excited about season six which is right around the corner.

Are you ready to settle down for some crimble crumble and plenty of family drama?

Friday Night Dinner is back for season six on Friday 27th March at 10pm on C4.