F&$!x&? It's The Island With Swear Grylls as reality TV show sets bad language record

(Image credit: Mark Johnson)

Reality show The Island With Bear Grylls managed to notch up an impressive 95 swear words in 45 minutes.

The Channel 4 series sees eight men and eight women stranded on an uninhabited island in the Pacific after survival training with Bear. They must fend for themselves – finding food, water and shelter.

The men - Daniel, Simon, Elliot, Patrick, Rizwan, Ben, chris and Rob

The men – Daniel, Simon, Elliot, Patrick, Rizwan, Ben, Chris and Rob (Channel 4)


According to The Sun, 2.5 million tuned in for the 9pm start, but just a million made it to the end of the programme.

The series opener on Monday night reportedly included 67 instances of the F-word, 23 uses of 's***' and one C-word.

After Cassie Farrell quit during the episode, her fellow islander Tilly Martin ranted: “You f****** lazy c*** – good, see you later! You’re no good to us! You f****** sign up you do it you d***head!”

Cassie in The Island with Bear Grylls

Cassie in The Island with Bear Grylls (Channel 4 Television)


The swearing left many viewers shocked – and even reaching for the remote.

Just turned The Island over – too much swearing isn't much fun to watch! F seems to be the only word in one woman's vocab.

— Julie Collins (@juliec148_julie) March 28, 2016


In fact, some were distinctly unimpressed.

Watching the island and the amount of swearing is a joke

— Matty W (@matt_williamsss) March 28, 2016


Watching The Island With Bear Grylls. Good but disappointed that both the women and men can't string two words together without swearing.

— Dave Birty (@BirtyDave) March 28, 2016


It even put off future applicants…

I'd like to do the Island with Bear Grylls but I'd have a real problem with the personalities and all the swearing.

— lori sutton (@lori_sutton) March 28, 2016


Although some were more forgiving.

#The Island Swearing is natural amongst different individuals..All walks of life are in there

— Sandra Watson (@SandraW52185471) March 28, 2016


The potty-mouthed islanders may well have broken a record – as this is believed to be the highest number of swear words in a single episode of a British show.

But it comes nowhere near the world record, which is held by US comedy show Strutter.

Channel 4 told The Sun: “The show was preceded by a warning of strong language throughout and it was appropriately scheduled after the watershed.”

Bear Grylls

Bear Grylls (Channel 4)


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