Get ready for the 'Go Big Show' semi-finals!

The 'Go Big Show' Semi-Finalists.
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Who's ready for the Go Big Show semi-finals? The series has been pitting extraordinary talents against each other for weeks now, and it's all come down to this. The acts that remain include an extreme scooterist, a strong man and [checks notes] something called "musical bullets"? 

If all of that sounds insane to you, that's exactly what the Go Big Show is selling. The series premiere featured a flame dancer and a man who picked judge Rosario Dawson up by hooking her up to his piercings. It hasn't dialed back on its extreme nature yet, and why should it? The series — judged by Snoop Dogg, Rosario Dawson, Jennifer Nettles and Cody Rhodes — promised that it would go big. The episodes haven't stopped one-upping each other yet, and the trailer for the semi-final round looks to be a pretty solid indication that the craziest showcases are yet to come! 

The semi-final round will start Thursday, February 18 at 9PM EST. Take a look at the six competitors heading into the competition: 

  • Krystal Kurio (Sideshow Act)
  • Dejion Taylor (Extreme Scooter Act)
  • Tulga (Strongman Act)
  • Reckless Ben (Slackline Act)
  • Ben Blaque (Crossbow Act)
  • Chris Cheng (Musical Bullets Act)

“Go-Big Show” is the most extreme talent show ever that will bring you to the edge of your seat. With jaw-dropping acts so big only a coliseum could hold them, the series spotlights everything from giant ramp jumpers, horse trick riders and incredible feats of strength to alligator and rattlesnake wrestlers, stunt archers and world-record holders. The series is a celebration of the most daring acts as they battle head-to-head to impress the judges and advance toward the finale’s ultimate $100,000 prize or go home. Bert Kreischer hosts “Go-Big Show” with celebrity judges Snoop Dogg, Rosario Dawson, Jennifer Nettles and AEW's Cody Rhodes. In consultation with local authorities, the unions and medical experts, the series was produced at the Macon Coliseum, where contenders and staff operated under strict Covid-19 safety protocols and isolated together for the duration of production. “Go-Big Show” will air on Thursdays at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT beginning January 7 on TBS.  

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