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Gethin Jones goes online in his search for true love

Gethin Jones has revealed he is thinking of turning to the internet to find love.

The Welsh TV presenter may be a well known heart-throb, but he told The Sun he finds it difficult to meet potential girlfriends and is thinking of signing up to dating app Tinder.

Gethin - who split from fiancee Katherine Jenkins in 2011 after four years together - revealed: "I went on Tinder with my mate the other day as I find it absolutely fascinating.

"I spent some time in America recently and guys there are just on it because they want to have sex.

"But I would like to go on there and meet someone nice for a date as it makes it easier.

"I am 36 now. Where do you meet girls? In a bar? I don't know. It is really difficult to meet people."

The host of ITV quiz show The 21st Question has been linked to TV presenter Amanda Byram. But he insisted they are just friends, saying: "All my mates are like, 'You are a legend!' but if only that was reality.

"Amanda and I became friends after we did a Sport Relief thing together."

And in the meantime, Gethin is open to offers on social media.

He said: "If women want to find me they can tweet me. That would be lovely if any girls out there fancied a date!"