'Ghosts' fans praise 'glorious' episode as the BBC comedy returns for Season 3

Ghosts Series 3 - Charlotte Ritchie as Alison
Charlotte Ritchie as Alison. (Image credit: BBC/Monumental Television/Robbie Gray)

Ghosts Season 3 has returned to bring us even more from Alison, Mike and the many spirits of Button House, and it's safe to say that viewers were very happy to have the show back!

Last night's episode gave us an insight into the circumstances of Sir Humphrey Bone (played by Laurence Rickard), finally revealing how the decapitated ghost lost his head. 

Viewers took to Twitter almost immediately after the episode aired just to share how much they enjoyed the first episode! Plenty of people reached out to the cast and crew just to let them know how much it made them laugh.

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What happened in Ghosts Season 3 Episode 1?

*Spoilers ahead for Ghosts Season 3!*

When Ghosts returned last night, a documentary crew had made their way to Button House to film a show about a historical assassination that had been plotted within the walls of Alison and Mike's stately home.

Alison and the ghosts quickly discovered that the person assassinated was Sir Humphrey, who was living with a woman called Sophie in Button House. Sophie was embroiled in a secret Catholic plot against Queen Elizabeth I, and Sir Humphrey unwittingly involved himself in the plot when he allowed Sophie to host a "book club" in Button House.

Sir Humphrey discovered the treasonous plot and held off the guards so that Sophie could make her escape. Although the documentary crew believed Humphrey was murdered, he revealed what actually happened that evening. 

Humphrey had hidden in the fireplace whilst the guards searched the house. When he emerged, he thumped the wall in celebration...causing two mounted swords to swing down from the wall and chop his head off! 

In the meantime, the documentary crew asked Alison to share her personal connection to the house. She feels far too nervous to take part in the show, leaving the ghost of poet Thomas Thorne (Matthey Baynton) to help psyche her up for her interview.

Julian Fawcett (Simon Farnaby) also tells Alison that he is certain that their neighbour, Barclay Beg-Chetwynde, is on the verge of a heart attack. If he died on the premises, he'll become the newest Button House ghost! Luckily though, the signals turned out to be a false alarm, just before Alison manages to face her fear and appear on TV, in a very awkwardly-branded Button House hoodie designed by one of Mike's friends.

Ghosts Season 3 continues next Monday at 8:30pm on BBC1. All episodes are also available to stream on BBC iPlayer right now. 

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