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'This looks more like The Cube!' Gogglebox fans in hysterics as the ITV debate is compared to game show


We’ve got a General Election coming up soon, and all eyes were on ITV’s televised debate between Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn.

So it’s only right that the debate was witnessed through the eyes of Gogglebox stars too, and they had plenty to say about the political showdown.

Brother and sister duo Pete and Sophie cracked viewers up on Friday, after Pete compared the setting of ITV’s debate to game show The Cube.

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Clutching a hedgehog mug, Pete exclaimed, “This looks more like the bloody Cube!”

To which sister Sophie replied, “I know”

On Tuesday, ITV News shared a photo of the studio, and we can definitely see the resemblance to Phillip Schofield’s popular game show!

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Viewers across the country agreed with Pete's observation. One was devastated that the actual game show wasn't coming back after seeing it trending on Twitter.

They wrote, "Right. Saw The Cube trending, got excited because I thought it was coming back, only to realise people were thinking the ITV Debate studio was the set of The Cube. Every time 😂😬😂 #ITVDebate"

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Another added, For real tho why does the ITV debate setup look like an episode of the cube #LeadersDebate"

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A fan replied to Pete and Sophie after Friday's episode, saying, “You two are so funny, I’ve never laughed so much”

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Another said, “These two are TV gold” and shared a photo of them laughing.

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And a third said, “I love love love Pete and Sophie on #Gogglebox , they are the funniest!!!”

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Pete had a lot to say about interruptions during the ITV debate too, saying, “Right, you button your trap a minute, because Jez needs the right to reply”.

He also had fans in hysterics last week, when he joked about Lorraine’s interaction with Jennifer Arcuri on Good Morning Britain.

Pete and Sophie Sandiford have been on the series since 2018, and are considered fan favourites at this point.

The Blackpool-based siblings are known for their one-liners and brilliant collection of mugs, with fans sometimes tweeting Pete to ask where they came from.

The duo have spoken out about being asked to appear on the show. Sophie revealed, “We can still pop out for milk, but I can always tell when we’re on telly because my phone buzzes with new Twitter followers.”