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Gold Digger star teases BIG TWISTS ahead about mum's toy boy lover

Gold Digger Julia's daughter Della
(Image credit: BBC/Mainstreet Pictures/Des Willie)

Della's dark journey...

Patrick Day and his sister Della decide to investigate their mother’s new boyfriend in this week’s second episode of Gold Digger and soon discover some disturbing secrets about the young man...

Patrick (Sebastian Armesto) is convinced that Benjamin is only interested in Julia because of her money, but Della isn’t so sure.

Julia Ormond Gold Digger

Following her heart: Benjamin and Julia in BBC1's Gold Digger (Image credit: BBC)

“Della is surprised by her mum’s choice,” says Jemima Rooper, who plays her.

“But she also thinks her mother is getting what she wants for the first time in years. Seeing her mum follow her heart makes Della start to think about what she wants.”

Gold Digger Patrick

Della and Patrick start to find out some secrets about Ben's private life. Is Ben really in love with their mum Julia (played by Julia Ormond) or is he just after her money? (Image credit: BBC/Mainstreet Pictures/Mike Hogan)

The pair find out that Benjamin (Ben Barnes) is behind on his rent and could be evicted from his flat. Although Patrick wants to tell his mother (Julia Ormond) about her new man’s money worries, Della disagrees.

“Della and Patrick are very united at the start of the series,” explains Jemima. “I think that has a lot to do with the shared childhood trauma they suffered. But as the story goes on, she pulls away from him and starts to go her own way.”

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Meanwhile, we delve into Della’s world as she battles to win back the trust of her ex-girlfriend, Emily (Maeve Dermody).

“Della is a bit of a waster,” says Jemima. “She has a lot of bad habits. However, the relationship her mother has with Benjamin forces her to face up to her issues!”

Gold Digger, starring Julia Ormond and Ben Barnes, continues this Tuesday on BBC1 at 9pm.