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Google TV adds kids profiles

Google TV kids profiles
(Image credit: Google)

Google TV — which is slowly replacing the Android TV operating system — now has the ability to create kids profiles with just their name and age. Parents will then be able to choose which apps they want to add to those profiles.

There will be recommended apps, but they'll be of the kid-friendly variety. And the Google Play Family Library allows you to share access to TV shows and movies that you've already bought on other devices, to help you better control access while also giving the kiddos something good to watch.

The kids profiles also feature bright themes. ("Under the Sea," "Dinosaur Jungle" and "Space Travel" are the three mentioned at launch. 

Parents can take advantage of screen-time management, too. You can set a daily limit — say, one hour a day during weekdays — and set a bedtime schedule, too.

It's all controllable from the Google Family Link app, which lets you control all of your  child's devices right from your phone.

Google says to expect the new kids profiles feature on Chromecast with Google TV first, and on other Google TV devices later this month in the United States. It'll hit more devices worldwide over the next few months. 

Chromecast with Google TV is exactly what it sounds like. It's the latest Chromecast device, which makes it easy to stream just about anything from your phone, or from the Chrome web browser, onto a TV. But this one also has a built-in operating system a la Android TV that gives you access to all the streaming apps, games and features that you could ever need.

Chromecast with Google TV retails for $49.99, or you can get it with six months of Netflix thrown in for $89.99. Unlike Chromecasts of old, this model comes with a dedicated remote control.

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