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Happy Mondays' Shaun Ryder: 'The Singing in the Rainforest tribe thought I was very angry!' (VIDEO)

The Happy Mondays ventured into the Amazonian jungle to film a unique collaboration with a remote tribe for new Watch series Singing in the Rainforest, but the tribe were bemused by Shaun Ryder's singing...

"They actually thought I was a very angry man shouting!" he laughed.

The Happy Mondays talked to What's on TV about the adventure during which they lived with the tribe for a week and recorded a new song. "]

Vocalist Rowetta said: "They loved it, they'd never heard anything like it, they'd nevery heard electric guitars..."

Bez added: "They were fascinated by it, the whole village were picking up the instruments and having a go on the drums, guitars and basses."

Shuan continued: "They are musicians, it's in them. I watched kids who had never been on a drum kit and get on the kit and it was just in them naturally. Their timing's a bit different, but at the end of the day, it's inside them."

The collaboration produced a single, which will be a financial benefit to the tribe.

Shaun said: "We recorded them and speeded it up a little bit, you know, put a few effects on it and let them listen to it. It was something totally new to them... And then when you download the track the night the show airs, all the proceeds go to the tribe so they can carry on living their way of life. For the entire lifespan of that song they get the publishing [royalties] and everything else."

Singing in the Rainforest premieres on Watch on Monday, with further episodes featuring Myleene Klass and ex Busted singer Charlie Simpson.

Watch the interview with the Happy Mondays, above.