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‘I honestly was not expecting that’ Harry Potter star surprises fans as he appears in latest episode of His Dark Materials

Harry Potter star in His Dark Materials
(Image credit: BBC/Bad Wolf/HBO)

Yep, you really did see a Harry Potter actor in His Dark Materials

Many of you will recognise Harry Melling as the very unlikable Dudley Dursley, from the popular Harry Potter film series.

But now he’s been spotted in a brand new television role, as the star has landed a role in BBC1 drama His Dark Materials.

Harry Potter star Harry Mellin in His Dark Materials

Harry Potter fans gasped when they saw this familiar face in His Dark Materials (Image credit: BBC/© Bad Wolf/HBO)

The 30-year-old actor plays a character called Sysselmann, who is in charge of the port town of Trollesund.

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His unexpected appearance didn’t go unnoticed, with many fans taking to Twitter to reveal that they recognised him. The official series hashtag was filled with comments about Dudley Dursley, with many shocked to see him.

One wrote, “Omg 😂 Dudley Dursley just showed up in #HisDarkMaterials and I honestly was not expecting that 😂”

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Another added, “Sysselman is Dudley Dursley from Harry Potter. #HisDarkMaterials #HisDarkMaterialsHBO” and shared a GIF of his well-known character.

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A third was delighted with his role, adding, “Dudley Dursley in #hisdarkmaterials put such a smile on my face!”

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A fourth commented on the confrontation between Lin-Manuel Miranda and Harry Melling, writing, “Alexander Hamilton yelling about the law to Dudley Dursley right now is the kind of fandom meta no one ever predicted was possible before now but we all needed. #HisDarkMaterials”

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And a fifth simply wrote, “Well hello Dudley Dursley! #HisDarkMaterials”

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Sysselmann is described as "a stout, fussy man". Does that sound like Harry Potter's cousin? We think so!

In fact, His Dark Materials does share some similarities to the Harry Potter universe, as it’s also an epic fantasy novel series that follows children on a spellbinding adventure. So a must-read for fantasy fans everywhere.

If you’ve been watching the latest The War of the Worlds adaptation, you may have seen Harry Melling pop up there too. He plays the Artilleryman in the new BBC1 series, based on the H.G. Wells novel.

As one fan joked, we’ve just been Double Dursleyed! You might not have noticed either…