Hisense rolls out its new lineup of Smart TVs, starting at $299

Hisense and Joe McHale
(Image credit: Hisense)

Hisense today took the wraps off its 2021 lineup of smart TVs, sound bars and even a laser TV projector, hitting all the sizes, specs and price point you can imagine. 

Things start with a 43-incher for a mere $299, all the way up to a 75-inch 4K model for nearly $3,500. Or if high-end laser projectors are more your thing, get ready to spend some $5,000.

“In 2020, Hisense achieved a significant milestone in having the largest increase in LCD TV market share in North America," David Gold, President of Hisense USA, said in a press release. "We were also in the top 5 TV brands and the fastest growing among the top five TV brands by units in North America. The company’s continued growth and rapid rise in rankings is a testament to our success in the U.S. We’re continuing to build on our high-performing and high-quality products to bring even more options to the market in 2021 for consumers to have a premium viewing experience.” 

The lineup was announced via a prerecorded video with actor Joel McHale.

On the low end, you'll be able to snag a Hisense A6 Series set for just $299 for 43 inches. You'll be able to choose from a bevy of operating systems. So if you prefer a Roku TV, you can get a Roku TV. Or if you prefer Android TV, you can get that, too. Or you can eschew both and go with Hisense's own VIDAA U5 operating system. (And maybe go ahead and give it a cuter name, while you're at. Like, "Bob. This TV runs Bob.")

On the high end, you can go with a Hisense U9DG series 4K model with a Dual-Cell panel. It's got more than 2 million local dimming zones (more is always better, and that is a lot). It'll be available this rummer for $3,499 for 75 inches, with Android TV as the operating system. 

Or if you just have to have an 8K television (and you don't, but we're not going to fight you on it), the U800GR brings you a 75-inch Roku TV for a mere $3,199.

Elsewhere, Roku's got an ultra-short-throw laser projector that's good for up to a 120-inch picture on the included ALR screen. But it's going to cost, you, retailing at $4,999. And new soundbars are on the way this spring, starting at $199.

Here's how all the models and price points break down:

  • U9DG Series will be available Summer 2021 for $3,499.99 (75”) MSRP
  • U800GR Series will be available Summer 2021 for $3,199.99 (75”) MSRP
  • U8G Series will be available May 2021 for $949.99 (55”) MSRP and $1,299.99 (65”) MSRP
  • U7G Series will be available Summer 2021 for $749.99 (55”) MSRP, $949.99 (65”) MSRP and $1399.99 (75”) MSRP
  • U6G Series is available now for $499.99 (50”), $549.99 (55”) MSRP, $749.99 (65”) MSRP and $1,099.99 (75”) MSRP 
  • A6 Series is available now for $299.99 (43”), $379.99 (50”) MSRP, $429.99 (55”) MSRP, $599.99 (65”) MSRP and $849.99 (75”) MSRP
  • R6 Series will be available Fall 2021 for $399.99 (43”), $499.99 (50”) MSRP, $599.99 (55”) MSRP, $799.99 (65”) MSRP and $1099.99 (75”) MSRP
  • R7 Series will be available Fall 2021 for $429.99(43”) MSRP, $529.99 (50”) MSRP, $629.99 (55”) MSRP and $829.99 (65”) MSRP
  • L5 Laser Cinema is available now for $4999.99 (120”) MSRP
  • Hisense soundbars are available Spring 2021 for $199.99 (HS212F), $279.99 (HS219) and $399.99 (HS312) 
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