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Holby City's Bob Barrett: 'Sacha's behaviour is coming back to bite him!'

Holby City Sacha Week 1
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When his daughter Beka is taken ill, will the consultant change his mind about marrying new love Jodie? Bob Barrett tells us more...

It's anything but a Happy New Year for consultant Sacha Levy, as he’s forced to seriously consider what his future holds in the next episode of Holby City.

To give you a recap, Sacha (Bob Barrett) shocked everyone by proposing to new love Jodie (Sian Reese-Williams), so soon after the death of his beloved Essie - but he's oblivious to Jodie's sinister side and the fact she’s recently been secretly poisoning his daughter Beka!

Basically, Jodie doesn’t want Sacha’s attention being diverted away from her, so it seems she’ll do ANYTHING to ensure that doesn’t happen…

So, in the next episode, Beka - played by Bob Barrett's real-life daughter Francesca - has been having a few drinks to see the New Year in with Jodie, when she’s suddenly taken ill with stomach pains and rushed to the hospital.

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Holby City Beka Levy Week 1

Beka (Francesca Barrett) is rushed to hospital. Will this be the reality check dad Sacha needs?

Beka needs urgent surgery but Sacha fails to rush to her aid. Later, in a heart to heart, Beka tells her dad that HE’S the one who’s cut himself off from everyone - including her - because he can’t face life without Essie. Sacha claims he’s trying to move on… and Beka knows by that he means with Jodie.

However, Beka reckons he needs proper time to grieve for Essie and, therefore, should end his relationship with Jodie. But will he listen? What will he decide?

"Sacha hates himself at the moment; when someone's standing in front of you saying: 'I love you', like Jodie is, it's really hard to resist," says Bob. "The way he's behaved is now coming back to bite him. It's getting quite dark."

Elsewhere at Holby this week, Kian foils a drugs robbery - but does he have an ulterior motive? And mental health nurse Lucky comes up with a new initiative to get the staff to open up. Will this be just the encouragement Donna needs to finally start grieving for Xavier?

Holby City continues Tuesdays at 8pm on BBC1.