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Holby City star Rosie Marcel teases 'SHOCK' episode for Jac fans - 'I’m not sure how happy they’ll be'

Rosie Marcel plays Jac Naylor in Holby City
(Image credit: BBC)

On the day of Elliot’s surgery, Jac struggles with her mental health and finally reaches breaking point, as Rosie Marcel reveals...

As she’s struggled to deal with certain situations both at home and at work, Jac Naylor’s mental state has caused concern among her Holby City colleagues. And, in Tuesday night's massive Holby City episode, it seems the usually formidable surgeon may finally have reached breaking point.

As Jac prepares to perform complicated heart surgery on her friend and mentor Elliot Hope – arguably the biggest operation of her career – she seems far from ready. Her office is a mess and medic Chloe tells director of nursing Fletch that she thinks she witnessed Jac having a panic attack.

Jac (Rosie Marcel) Nicky (Belinda Owusu) concerned Holby

Jac's colleagues, including medic Nicky McKendrick (Belinda Owusu), are seriously worried about her state of mind...

Fletch (Alex Walkinshaw) confronts Jac, who insists she’s fine, but she’s obviously very emotional, especially as her ex Jonny is bringing their daughter Emma down from Edinburgh.

"For Jac, it’s always been easier to be tough because then she doesn’t get hurt, so she blocks things off before they have a chance to penetrate," says Rosie Marcel, who plays her.

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Jac’s main priority, though, is Elliot and she promises him she’ll save his life. However, as Elliot’s condition deteriorates and he’s rushed into surgery earlier than expected, the normally composed Jac seems anything but in control.

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When the operation goes badly and Elliot nearly dies on the table, Jac flips out and accidentally cuts fellow medic Nicky with a scalpel. At that moment, Fletch is forced to remove Jac, crying and hysterical, from theatre.

Fletch tries to calm Jac down but she’s inconsolable. Now convinced she’s killed Elliot, that everyone’s out to get her and that Jonny wants to take Emma away, Jac suffers a monumental breakdown…

holby jac (Rosie Marcel) breaks down W49

It all gets too much for Jac, who suffers a major mental breakdown at the hospital...

"The outcome of this episode will come as a shock to Jac fans – I’m not sure how happy they’ll be," reveals Rosie. "Life is going to get significantly worse for Jac before it gets better and I’m not sure where it will leave her."

Holby City continues Tuesdays at 8pm on BBC1.