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Hollyoaks star Malique reduces Bradley Walsh to tears of laughter on The Chase with his answer to ‘saucy’ question

Ex Hollyoaks star Malique with Bradley Walsh on The Chase

Bradley can't cope after Malique gives this answer...

Former Hollyoaks star Malique Thompson-Dwyer caused Bradley Walsh to collapse with laughter on a celebrity special of The Chase last night!

The Chase special reunited former I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! campmates Rita Simons, James McEvey, Fleur East, Malique (who played Prince McQueen in Hollyoaks), and chaser Anne Hegerty.

Bradley couldn’t quite believe his eyes when the following "rude" question came up and he immediately started giggling as he struggled to even read out the question…

The Chase Bradley laughing

Bradley can't stop laughing when he sees this question on The Chase last night...

In the first line of the children’s song, Little Boy Blue is instructed to do what with his horn?

A: Put it away B: Blow it C: Polish it

Bradley was obviously convinced that it was fairly obviously "Blow it". But, inexplicably and to everyone’s huge amusement, ex Hollyoaks star Malique gave the answer "Polish It!"

Bradley Walsh can't control himself on The Chase when ex Hollyoaks actor Malique gives his answer

Bradley completely looses it when ex Hollyoaks star Malique goes for "Polish it!"

Bradley roared with laughter when he heard Malique’s answer! Anne was also seen struggling to contain a giggle as she looked on at the chaos down below from the chaser’s chair.

“Little Boy Blue go and polish your horn, love,” quipped Bradley. Anne, of course, got the correct answer, "Blow it", and proceeded to recite the whole nursery rhyme.


21-year-old Malique back in his Hollyoaks days as Prince

But, despite his Little Boy Blue blunder, the former Hollyoaks actor did manage to go through to the final round along with ex EastEnders star Rita Simons.

However, Malique knew he had his work cut out against Anne, having complained earlier: "I'm literally up against Wikipedia".

So, while Malique and Rita did their best, they were easily brushed aside by Anne in the final round, who gave them a masterclass on quizzing.

The Chase continues on ITV. Hollyoaks is shown on C4.