Hollyoaks star Ross Adams on the HUGE decision facing Scott Drinkwell!

Scott Drinkwell

Azim Desai or Mitchell Deveraux? Who should Scott Drinkwell be with? Hollyoaks star Ross Adams, who plays Scott, gives us his verdict

Poor Scott Drinkwell! The Hollyoaks character played by Ross Adams has been well and truly messed around recently. Viewers have seen Scott  fall for junior doctor Mitchell Deveraux (Imran Adams) in a big way but Mitchell keeps blowing hot and cold, unable to openly admit that he is gay.

Scott Drinkwell and Mitchell Deveraux in Hollyoaks

Scott has a huge decision to make when Mitchell tells him he wants them to be together again

In the meantime fun-loving Azim Desai (Nav Sidhu) has been giving Scott all the attention he craves and the two of them have been have been enjoying a flirty romance. Now wedding planner Azim is packing his bags for London and has convinced Scott to move down south with him.

Is Scott really heading for the capital? Or does his heart belong to Mitchell?

When Mitchell discovers that Scott is on the verge of leaving Chester he makes a frantic dash to try and stop him from going, but is it too little too late? Where does Scott's future lie: with Azim or Mitchell?

Here Hollyoaks star Ross Adams, who plays Scott, tells us about Scott's huge dilemma and gives us his verdict on who he thinks Scott should be with...

How does Scott feel when Azim asks him to move to London with him?

Ross Adams: “I feel like Scott doesn’t immediately think that it’s a great idea. I think he convinces himself that it’s the right thing to do, but he does still love Mitchell.”

Azim Desai in Hollyoaks

Azim Desai has asked Scott to move to London with him (Image credit: James Stack)

Mitchell has told Scott that he’s come out to his mum Martine Deveraux (Kelle Bryan), does this give Scott hope that he’s finally ready?

RA: “It does, but then Scott found out that he hasn’t told his grandad Walter. I think that’s the point when Scott thinks, I’m really proud of you for telling your mum, but this is still clearly so messy, and you’re still evidently not ready. Therefore, Scott decides that he’s going to be with Azim and try and make a go of things. Scott and Mitchell had this hug, and there was a sense that neither of them wanted to let the other go.”

Scott Drinkwell and Mitchell Deveraux

Mitchell with Scott dressed as his alter-ego Anita Tinkle

Next week, Scott and Mitchell have a moment at The Salon De Thé before Scott leaves for London, can you tell us about that?

RA: “Just as Scott is preparing to leave, he’s getting his last pay packet from Marnie in the Salon De Thé, Mitchell races to find Scott and tells him how he feels. Scott gives him this ultimatum which is, kiss me now, in front of all these people, and I’ll know what to do; if you don’t, then I know that we can’t be together. I just think Scott could have been a bit easier on him, because coming out is such a hard thing, and people have to do it when they feel ready to do it, but he’s put up with a lot from Mitchell, it’s been months. All Scott’s ever wanted was a relationship, and to be happy with someone.”

Scott Drinkwell and Mitchell Deveraux in Hollyoaks

Mitchell begs Scott not to leave Hollyoaks

Do you think Scott should pick Azim or Mitchell?

RA: “Azim is very similar to Scott, because they’re both happy go lucky characters, and they’re very out and proud. They know who they are, and they’re comfortable with themselves. For that reason, I think Scott and Azim are a really good match. However, there’s this chemistry and undeniable spark between Scott and Mitchell. Even though most of their relationship so far has been behind closed doors, or in secret, when they are in their little bubble together, I think that’s the happiest Scott is. Even though Azim ticks all of the boxes, he just doesn’t ignite that fire that Mitchell does.”

Scott and Azim in Hollyoaks

A gutted Mitchell recently spotted Scott and Azim kissing

We hear there is a special dance sequence coming up next week. Can you tell us about that?

RA: “Best day of my life! Scott is dreaming that he and Mitchell are living in a world in which everyone is accepting of them being in a couple, and everybody knows that they’re together. That’s where the dance sequence starts, and we see them go through the village and bump in to various other residents along the way. Damon is there, and Cindy, Luke, Mandy and even Nana McQueen. It’s surreal to watch. I’m not just saying this, but after my own wedding in real life, that was one of my best days ever. It was so much fun, it just felt like I was shooting a music video all day. It was a Saturday and it rained, but everybody had the best day ever, it was fab it really was.”

Hollyoaks have announced that Richard Blackwood will be playing Mitchell’s dad, Felix. Do you think Scott and Felix will get on well?

RA: “Scott found out that he was adopted in his twenties, and found out that this life that he had wasn’t the life that he thought. I think if Mitchell finds out about his dad, and Toby, they have got that in common. I just hope that Mitchell has a nicer experience with his dad than what Scott did with his mum. Felix is going to be interesting, and I think Scott will be impressed by Felix if he comes in to the village and gives Mitchell attention. I think Scott could be won over quicker than Mitchell”.

Richard Blackwood joins the cast of Hollyoaks

Richard Blackwood will play Mitchell's father, Felix

How did you feel when you found out Richard was joining the cast?

“I was very happy. I’ve met Richard before. I did Big Brothers Bit on The Side once a couple of years ago with him. I think it will be interesting, because he was quite a big character in EastEnders, and I think coming up to Liverpool will be amazing for him. He loves it. He was actually telling me that everyone here in Liverpool was really lovely.”

Hollyoaks is shown weekdays on C4 at 6.30pm with the next episode following on E4



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