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How much storage do you need for Apple TV?

When it comes time to buy an Apple TV — and remember that we specifically recommend the Apple TV 4K — you have a couple of options in regards to storage. You can either get the 32-gigabyte model for $179, or the 64-gigabyte model for $20 more.

This should, in reality, be a no-brainer. Get the 64-gigabyte model .

Here's the thing about built-in storage: You can never have too much. Because by definition, it's built in. You can't add on to it. And in the case of Apple TV, you can't use any sort of hardwired external storage — at least not without running your own media server. (And if that's how you roll, good on ya. We just mean you won't be plugging an external hard drive into this thing.)

An extra $20 is a small price to pay for double the storage.

Back to the Apple TV, though. That 11 percent increase in price gets you a 100 percent improvement in onboard storage. Amortize that out over the lifespan of the device — we'll conservatively put that at three years — and then divide by the number of minutes you figure you'll be watching the Apple TV in the first place, but don't forget to take into account anyone else in your household who will be sharing the Apple TV — and BE SURE TO TAKE LEAP YEARS INTO ACCOUNT AND ...

OK, seriously. Just dig into your pocket and find that extra $20 for the 64-gigabyte model. Even if you're not intending on downloading a bunch of movies directly to the Apple TV for later viewing, you just can't ever have too much storage. And in this case the upsell is minimal.

Think of it as an insurance policy. It's might well be something you'll never need. But that extra storage isn't something you can easily get without replacing the device.

Do the right thing.