How to watch Crossfire online from anywhere

Keeley Hawes wielding a shotgun in Crossfire
Keeley Hawes stars in the three-part thriller, Crossfire. (Image credit: BBC)

Here's how to watch Crossfire online from anywhere. 

Crossfire is an edge-of-your-seat BBC thriller from best-selling author and Apple Tree Yard creator, Louise Doughty. The three-part series follows Jo and a group of her close friends and family who find their world turned upside down after their holiday paradise is transformed into a living nightmare. 

The group (led by Jo who's played by Keeley Hawes) has jetted off for a fancy holiday in the Canary Islands, but their luxury resort comes under attack from a group of gunmen who are out for revenge. From this point, the thriller sees the guests and hotel staff forced to make some split-second and life-or-death decisions, with the consequences set to linger long after the attack. 

Will they make it out alive? Here's how to watch Crossfire online from anywhere in the world so you can find out. 

How to watch Crossfire online in the UK

Crossfire premieres on Tuesday, September 20 at 9 pm on BBC One, with the remaining two episodes set to air on Wednesday, September 21, and Thursday, September 22 at the same time in the same place.

If you'd prefer to watch the whole series all at once, all three episodes will be available to stream online via BBC iPlayer.

How to watch Crossfire online from anywhere in the world

There's an easy way to watch Crossfire online if you're going to be away from home, and it's called a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

A VPN lets you get around the usual frustrating digital barriers by changing your IP address, meaning you can watch your favorite TV shows even if you're going to be away from home. 

Our favorite is ExpressVPN, which lets you change your IP address on whichever device you want to watch your new favorite show on. ExpressVPN is the No. 1-rated VPN in the world right now according to our colleagues at TechRadar.


ExpressVPN is one of the simplest and most affordable ways to watch what you want from anywhere you want to watch it. 

It's straightforward and easy to use, has great security, is available on loads of streaming devices and, best of all, it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can try it out 100% risk-free.

And it's a great way to watch Crossfire via your usual method from anywhere in the world.

How to watch Crossfire in the US

Right now we don't know where Crossfire will be available to stream in the US. As soon as we know more, we'll be sure to update this guide.

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