Crossfire: next episode air date, cast, plot, trailer and everything we know

Crossfire Keeley Hawes
Keeley Hawes plays Jo in fierce new drama Crossfire. (Image credit: BBC / Dancing Ledge Productions)

Crossfire is a major new three-part drama led by Keeley Hawes, which is currently airing on BBC One.

Set in a luxurious resort in the Canary Islands, the show is written by Apple Tree Yard (opens in new tab)author Louise Doughty and the plot is as intense and gritty as we can imagine.

Teasing the series, Keeley reveals: "Crossfire is a show about a family who go away with other friendship groups on holiday. My character Jo organises a trip for them. 

"They are at a party at Jo's house on New Year's Eve and she slightly has an ulterior motive about wanting them all to go away on holiday together... They haven't been on holiday for very long when the hotel that they are staying in is attacked."

For Keeley, the crime genre is her forte and she has starred in numerous hit crime dramas, such as The Missing and Honour. She has picked up many award nominations for her roles, including a BAFTA TV Award nomination for Best Leading Actress in Bodyguard and Best Leading Actress in the hit BBC series Line of Duty. So it's no surprise that Keeley has been chosen to lead this intense thriller.

Crossfire release date

Crossfire, part of the BBC's Autumn TV schedule, began on Tuesday, September 20 at 9 pm on BBC One and concludes tonight (Thursday, September 22) at the same time, same place. 

All three episodes are available to watch as a boxset on BBC iPlayer (opens in new tab).

Crossfire plot

Jo (Keeley Hawes) is sunbathing on her hotel room balcony while on a dream holiday with her family and friends. But, her world is soon thrown into terrifying chaos when shots boom across the complex. In an instant, revengeful gunmen have torn through the idyllic paradise and transformed it into a petrifying hell.

A story of survival and resilience, Crossfire is a suspenseful nail-biting thriller, but also “emotional, intimate and relatable” as the innocent holidaymakers and hotel staff are forced to make monumental life or death decisions with enormous consequences.

What happened in episode 1?

*beware - spoilers ahead!*

The episode opens with the group of holidaymakers enjoying their trip, though there's definitely some tension between Jason and Jo. Shortly after everyone settles in for another day of relaxing by the pool, panic erupts as some of the guests and staff are shot dead.

The group are split up in and around the resort; Miriam is treating a wounded member of staff and is locked up in the kitchen, Jason rushes back into the hotel to find Jo after handing two of the kids over to Ben, and Jo teams up with a member of the security team called Mateo. The pair head to the security office for weapons and use the cameras to scout out the hotel.

Jo spots her daughter Amara on one of the security cams and goes to rescue her, ignoring Mateo's advice. Meanwhile, Ben loses sight of the kids outside the resort, and one of the gunmen discovers Chinar hiding out with some of the group's children. In an effort to help the kids escape, Chinar wrestles with the gunman, but gets shot in the process.

Jo then crosses paths with the same shooter by the pool. She orders him to drop his gun, but the episode ends with him pulling the trigger: did she survive?!

Keeley Hawes and Anneika Rose in Crossfire

Jo found Abhi and helped her get to Miriam whilst she was with Mateo. (Image credit: BBC)

What happened in episode 2?

Thankfully, the shooter missed his mark, and he flees as Mateo arrives and returns fire, though another gunman has now appeared on a balcony. Jo and Mateo regroup and begin saving other survivors (including several of the children). In the confrontation, Amara flees to another part of the hotel.

Jason remains holed up in the hotel room until he overhears someone knocking on doors. He checks who it is, finding one of the attackers; he flees by climbing over a balcony, but falls onto one of the floors below. 

Amara tries to escape the building by herself, but is unable to find an exit, and ends up crossing paths with one of the attackers, though she manages to talk him out of killing her. Meanwhile, Miriam performs a life-saving operation on one of the wounded staff members, but some of the people in this group decide they don't want to stay hiding any longer, and the blonde member of staff (who had given the shooters a key card to get in) alerts one of the gunmen.

Jo discovers Chinar's body. Later, the duo evacuate more guests, but are discovered by the attacker from earlier. Mateo gets shot in the process, though he reveals that he recognizes the boy and that they were sacked from the hotel for theft in the past as Jo helps him hide out and rest in a room.

The older gunman heads down to the kitchen and begins threatening everyone, as he hears the police helicopter fly overhead. Jo races back out to save Amara, with the younger attacker in hot pursuit. Jo and Amara rush to the top of a staircase, and Jo readies her gun.

Mateo (Hugo Silva) in Crossfire

Mateo helped Jo sweep the hotel for survivors. (Image credit: BBC/ Dancing Ledge Productions)

Crossfire cast

Keeley Hawes leads the cast as Jo, but joining Keeley is: Josette Simon (Small Axe, Rivera), Anneika Rose (Deadwater Fell, Line of Duty), Lee Ingleby (The A Word, The Serpent Queen), Daniel Ryan (The Bay, Home Fires), Vikash Bhai (The Stranger, Limbo), Hugo Silva (Nasdrovia, The Cook of Castamar), Alba Brunet (Operation Mincemeat, Paraiso), Shalisha James-Davis (Alex Rider, I May Destroy You) and Ariyon Bakare (His Dark Materials, Good Omens).

Is there a trailer?

Yes, a trailer has landed! Keeley's character says in the gripping trailer: "Why didn't I appreciate ordinary life? How could I have not of realized how fragile it all was? All this time you thought you were choosing your life, but actually, you were just heading to that moment. If only I'd known it was always going to end like this."

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