Bodyguard season 2: cast, plot, and all we know

Bodyguard season 2
Richard Madden is set to return as PS David Budd (Image credit: BBC/Netflix)

Bodyguard season 2 is on the way — at last! However, there still could be quite a way before it's actually on screen. Sorry!

BBC1 bosses confirmed the political conspiracy thriller created by Line of Duty's Jed Mercurio will be returning, with Richard Madden reprising his role as Police Sergeant David Budd. 

The first series was a big hit with viewers in 2018 and became one of the biggest dramas of the decade, pulling in an audience of 11 million for the final episode, with millions more watching on iPlayer. So, it's now four years since the explosive first series, so it's fair to say fans are desperate for more.

Richard Madden gave such a striking performance that he's been linked to the next James Bond role every since. 

We've been on the hunt for Bodyguard-related kompromat and here's everything we know about the highly-anticipated second series...

Bodyguard season 2 release date

Richard Madden as Sgt David Budd in Bodguard

Bodyguard is one of the most talked about shows of recent times. (Image credit: BBC)

Sources suggest the "creative process" to create season 2 has begun, but with production yet to start, it could well be a couple of years before we see what PS David Budd is up to.

As we're now well into 2022 and there's been no filming, the earliest we will see Bodyguard season 2 is 2023. It could even be 2024! The makers don't seem in a mad rush to make it, which is a shame for fans. 

Bodyguard season 2

Keeley Hawes is not expected to return as Home Secretary Julia Montague. (Image credit: BBC/Netflix)

So what's been the most recent update?

Well since it was revealed in 2021 that it would be coming back, we've not heard a whole lot else. 

Creator Jed Mercurio did at least make a reference to it in an April 2022 tweet, although it was just a spoof poster with Prime Minister Boris Johnson in it! 

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Bodyguard season 2 plot

*Contains spoilers for Bodyguard season 1

The first series saw Police Sergeant David Budd assigned as the principal protection officer (PPO) for the ambitious Home Secretary Julia Montague (played by Keeley Hawes). Budd didn't agree with Montague's politics, yet the pair had an intense professional relationship that later turned into an affair...

Jed Mercurio is notorious for playing his cards close to his chest when it comes to his shows and the new series of Bodyguard looks set to be no exception, but maybe we could see David Budd acting as a specialist protection officer for a member of the Royal Family or a foreign dignitary?

"I learned a lot from the success of Bodyguard. It was heartening to see how an audience would come to something that is fresh and original," says Mercurio. 

"Bodyguard was just an original concept and people hit the ground running with it. I would love to do something in the next couple of years." 

The second season also looks set to be the start of a new story, rather than the continuation of the tale we enjoyed so much back in 2018... 

"There are things in place in series one that we can exploit dramatically further down the line," explains Jed. "But I haven’t done a lot of forward planning because it can be too disheartening if the series isn’t recommissioned.”

"You just don't know, so it ends up being something that is best done, in my view, retrospectively. If you find yourself in the fortunate position where you've got a second series, or a third, or whatever it is, and there is stuff from the past that can serve a function, then I think that's the best way to do it.

"I think the problem with putting things in the first season that have no relevance to the first season is that you can end up making something quite difficult to follow. It feels like things don't quite knit together and so you lose the pace and the narrative drive that you should be trying to go for with a thriller series."

Bodyguard season 2

More than 11 million viewers watched the finale of season one on the BBC and was also a big hit in the US. (Image credit: BBC)

Bodyguard season 2 cast

Game of Thrones star Richard Madden is "confirmed" to return for season 2 and revealed that he was in talks with Jed Mercurio over the new series... 

‘‘I’m going to meet Jed in a couple of weeks, to have a chat and see what’s in his brilliant brain ... So I’m like, what can happen next? You know, with David. Because he had a hell a couple of months there. Where do you go with this guy?" 

Jed Mercurio has also dropped a few hints that we could see a new cast joining a handful of established characters, in a similar fashion to Line of Duty

“We certainly weren’t the first to rotate casts in that way,” Jed said. “But Line of Duty established that it works very well. And audiences understand the concept." 

Peaky Blinders and Gentleman Jack season 2 star Sophie Rundle could return as David's estranged wife, Vicky, while characters such as Commander Anne Sampson (Gina McKee), DS Louise Rayburn (Nina Toussaint-White) and DCI Deepak Sharma (Ash Tandon) could also be back.

Yet while there were several rumors that Hawes' character wasn't really dead following the end of series one, it seems unlikely she will return...

Where can I watch Bodyguard season 1? 

All six episodes of Bodyguard season one are now available on Netflix (opens in new tab). Sadly, it's not currently available on iPlayer.

Is there a Bodyguard season 2 trailer? 

Not yet, but we'll sure to post it here when one lands. In the mean time, here's the trailer for the first series to get you back in the mood...

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