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Hulu renews 'Taste the Nation' and 'Love, Victor' for second seasons

Padma Lakshmi and Chef Emiliano Marentes in Taste the Nation on Hulu.
Padma Lakshmi and Chef Emiliano Marentes in Taste the Nation, which was renewed for a second season on Hulu. (Image credit: Dominic Valente/Hulu)

Hulu today announced that it's renewed Taste The Nation With Padma Lakshmi and Love, Victor for second seasons.

Taste The Nation features Lakshmi, the model-turned-foodie who immigrated from India when she was 4 years old, visiting parts of the United States that have distinct immigrant food cultures. Some you might have heard of, some perhaps not. But all had intriguing stories to tell.

The first season took us to Los Vegas for the mostly women-run Thai scene, Chinatown in Los Angeles, German food in Milwaukee, Poke and the Japanese influence in Hawaii, Gullah Geeche in South Carolina, and many more.

From our review of Taste the Nation:

It opens up an entirely new world of flavor and experience — and love for the people who brought it here. It reminds us that we are a nation of immigrants, even if we occasionally have to fight to remind ourselves of that fact.

That's what Taste the Nation makes me want to do. Not just eat the foot and visit the shops, but to be around more of the multitudes of people who truly made our country what it is today, and what it can continue to be, if we let ourselves continue to grow.

No word yet on when to expect the 10-episode second season.

Victor (Michael Cimino) and Mia (Rachel Hilton) in Episode 104 of "Love, Victor" on Hulu.

Victor (Michael Cimino) and Mia (Rachel Hilton) in Episode 104 of "Love, Victor" on Hulu. (Image credit: Hulu)

Love, Victor is the spinoff from the popular movie Love, Simon that sees Victor (Michael Cimino) — a sweet boy from a loving but religious Hispanic family (not that any of those things is mutually exclusive) coming to terms with his sexuality in high school. 

From our review of Love, Victor:

There are plenty of things that Love, Simon didn't have the opportunity to explore as a film. You simply don't have the time to delve into sexuality being a spectrum, or the complications of navigating that spectrum as a 16-year-old. Love, Victor's 10-episode arc gives it time to dive into that and more as it follows its entirely new cast of characters in the familiar setting of Creekwood High.

A group of unlikely friends quickly forms as Victor settles into his new school. Mia (Rachel Hilson) steps into the role of girlfriend pretty quickly, along with all of the complications that come with dating a gay man as a straight woman. Felix (Anthony Turpel) is the unlikely and overly trusting best friend, with Lake (Bebe Wood) and Andrew (Mason Gooding) offering solid supporting roles.

Love, Victor will have 10 episodes in its second season. Hulu didn't say when to expect it.

Hulu also announced a second second season of hits middle-school comedy Pen15.

Hulu has an on-demand catalog full of content from all sorts of places, as well as its own original series, including the excellent Taste the Nation and Love, Victor, both of which have been renewed for second seasons.View Deal

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