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Is THIS Neighbours LEGEND heading back to Ramsay Street?

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It has been hinted that Paul Robinson's ex wife Rebecca could be making a comeback to Neighbours...

There are rumours circulating that former Neighbours star Jane Hall could be returning to Ramsay Street as fan favourite Rebecca Robinson.

The actress, who appeared in the Australian soap between 2007 and 2011, has hinted to  TV Week that she would love to reprise her role as Paul Robinson's ex wife.

Jane told the Australian magazine: "Rebecca returning to Neighbours is constantly on my mind. I adored my time on the show, it was so much fun.

"It's an amazing production and I think Rebecca could return for sure, spice things up!"

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While she might have left Ramsay Street in 2011, Jane did make a brief comeback to the soap in 2014 for four weeks.

But with Terese Willis still torn between Leo Tanaka and Paul Robinson this week in Erinsborough, it seems Rebecca coming back any time soon would certainly rock the boat for her ex husband.

Terese might have just reunited with Leo after he broke up with her over the Delaney debacle, but that looks like it is all set to change.

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Will Rebecca come back to shake things up for Paul?

Things are set to hot up between Paul and Terese once again, with the potential to leave Leo heartbroken if they reunite. Maybe Rebecca could come back to stir things up once again?

But despite the fact it seems the actress would be keen to star alongside Ramsay Street legend Stefan Dennis, who plays Paul Robinson, once again, we might have a little wait on our hands.

The actress is currently hosting a new ABC lifestyle programme called Escape From The City, which is based on the long-running UK daytime show, Escape To The Country.

Talking about her new show in Australia, Jane said: "It's been so eye-opening to see all these different types of people - newlyweds, empty nesters, young families - moving out and finding a new lease of life."

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