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Jeff Hordley reveals the hilarious comment his nan made about him in Emmerdale

Jeff Hordley reveals hilarious comment his nan made about him in <a href="/emmerdale/" data-source-seowords>Emmerdale</a>

Jeff Hordley has been playing Emmerdale's Cain Dingle since 2000.

Emmerdale star Jeff Hordley recently shared a funny story about his nan during an appearance on Loose Women.

The star, who has played Cain Dingle for more than two decades, was on the show to celebrate his 21 years of playing the character.

But he told the panel that he'd called his nan the evening before to tell her that he was going to be on Loose Women so that she could tune in.

Emmerdale's Jeff Hordley appears on Loose Women

Jeff delighted Loose Women viewers with funny stories about his nan (Picture: ITV)

However, his first error in the phone call was that he had called right in the middle of when Emmerdale was airing on ITV.

Chatting to Nadia Sawalha, Stacey Solomon, Judi Love and Kaye Adams, Jeff said: "I rang my nan to tell her I was appearing on Loose Women and whilst I rang her she said, 'Jeffrey, you've just rang me at 7.20pm and Emmerdale is on, can I call you back?'"

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But it wasn't just the interruption in her soap viewing that Jeff's nan hilariously commented on.

When the Loose Women panel pointed out that Jeff has become something of a sex symbol over his years on the soap, he laughed and told them his nan wouldn't agree.

Emmerdale's Jeff Hordley appears on Loose Women

Jeff told the Loose Women panel that he hadn't seen his beloved nan for a year due to Covid (Picture: ITV)

The soap star said: "Not according to my nan! When she rang me back she said, 'I was just watching Emmerdale. Oh, you do look old!'"

Jeff, who is married to his Emmerdale co-star Zoe Henry, admitted that he's nothing like his on-screen alter ego, who is renowned for being the village bad boy.

Emmerdale, Charity Dingle, Debbie Dingle, Cain Dingle

Jeff has played Emmerdale's Cain since 2000 (Picture: ITV) (Image credit: ITV)

He said, however, there is one Cain trait that he would like to channel more...

"Sometimes in England we are all too polite and after the moment you're thinking 'I wish I'd said that'.

"That's the bit of Cain I'd like in my life because he just says what he sees and holds no prisoners."

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays - see our TV Guide for full listings.