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Joanne Froggatt: ‘Andrew is definitely DEAD in Liar 2!’

Liar 2 Joanne Froggatt and Ioan Gruffudd

Joanne Froggatt on the revelations ahead as twisty ITV thriller Liar is back for a second series

As ITV thriller Liar returns for a second series, the show’s star, Joanne Froggatt, has cleared up any speculation about whether sinister rapist Andrew Earlham (Ioan Gruffudd) really met his Maker after being found with his throat slit on the marshes at the end of the last run.

“Andrew is definitely dead!,” Joanne Froggatt told us. “The series goes over the last three weeks between him disappearing and turning up dead. We see who killed him and who’s the liar now.”

Liar season 2 contains several flashbacks to Andrew on the run, as he tries to evade the police after Laura, one of his many victims, exposed his crimes. But, in the present day, DI Karen Renton (Katherine Kelly) investigates Andrew's murder and the drama explores how Laura is not the only person who wished him dead…

Katherine Kelly as DI Karen Renton in Liar 2

Katherine Kelly as DI Karen Renton in Liar 2

“Laura is under suspicion. She feels angry the injustice has carried on and she is now a suspect.   Andrew is still haunting her. But several characters had a reason to want something terrible to happen to Andrew,” said Joanne. “It shows how one person’s actions have a snowball effect on so many lives.”

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Joanne hopes that the new series will be just as compelling as first run, in 2017, and she is still amazed at how viewers loved the debut series.

“Liar had one of the biggest reactions I’ve ever had,” she said. “When I was at an airport near the end of the last series, the staff said, ‘We’ve been talking about this in the loo all week!’ It’s lovely thinking you’ve been part of something people are so invested in.”

Liar returns on Monday 2 March on ITV at 9pm