Liar season 2 on ITV – Start date, cast, plot and everything you need to know

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Will Laura go to jail for Andrew's murder? And did she kill him?

Liar season 2, starring Joanne Froggatt and Ioan Gruffudd, will return to ITV on Monday night and promises to be one of the biggest shows of the year.

The first series of the hit thriller saw Laura Nielson (Downton Abbey’s Froggatt) accuse surgeon Andrew Earlham of sexual assault, which he fiercely denied.


Liar was a monster hit when it was shown in 2017 (Image credit: JOSS BARRATT)

Liar proved to be one of the highlights of 2017 with over nine million fans debating who was telling the truth. It was finally revealed that Andrew was lying and he went on the run before shockingly his body was discovered on marshland.

Liar season 2 start date: When will it be back on ITV?

The second series will begin on Monday March 2nd at 9pm. Looks scary!

Liar series 2 plot: What’s in store?

The second series, which features flashbacks, will reveal who murdered Andrew and why. It picks the story up after Andrew’s body is found and three weeks after an arrest warrant was issued for him for the sexual assault of 19 women. An obvious murder suspect is Laura...

Joanne Froggatt tells us: "Laura is relatively happy with Ian [Kieran Bew], the fella she met in the first series, and then quickly we move on to the police discovering Andrew’s body and Laura is under suspicion.

"She feels angry that the injustice has carried on and she is now a suspect. Katherine Kelly is brilliant as the new detective, DI Renton. She’s not there to empathise – she’s there to find out who murdered him."

Liar seaon 2

Question time: Laura with DS Maxwell (Danny Webb) and DI Renton (Katherine Kelly) (Image credit: ITV)

And Andrew is really dead, isn't he? Ioan Gruffudd: "Yes, what I love is that Jack and Harry Williams [the brothers who created the show] have embraced the fact that Andrew is dead. We have flashbacks starting from the evening he was discovered. It would’ve been easier to write if he’d faked his death, but we’re being truthful about the ramifications of his actions. It’s heavy and difficult to watch as well as being a whodunit."

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Who’s in it?

Ex Coronation Street star Katherine Kelly as a cop in Liar series 2

Ex Coronation Street star Katherine Kelly plays a cop trying to find Andrew's killer

Joanne Froggatt and Ioan Gruffudd - who says series two is very exciting - once again take on the leading roles of Laura and Andrew.

Meanwhile, former Coronation Street actress Katherine Kelly joins the cast as DI Inspector Karen Renton, who alongside DS Rory Maxwell (returning star Danny Webb), must find Andrew’s killer. Ex Emmerdale and Downton Abbey star Amy Nuttall and The Widow’s Howard Charles have also joined the cast.

Liar season 2 Laura suspect

Laura is in the frame for Andrew's murder

Tell us more about who Katherine Kelly plays in Liar?

DI Inspector Karen Renton is a blunt detective who's determined to crack the case. "Karen's formidable and uninhibited, which is exciting to play," reveals Katherine. "She has a particular sense of humour."

Who does ex Downton Abbey star Amy Nuttall play?

She plays Winnie Peterson, an unhappy married nurse, who once worked with Andrew. She revisits an awful incident following his death.

Liar season 2 trailer: What does it reveal?

The new trailer strongly hints that Laura is going to be arrested for Andrew’s murder. She's even seen in police custody.

In the moody new trailer, Laura is heard making an embittered speech.

“I wanted Andrew to suffer, it’s all I could think about," she declares. "And when I found out he was dead, I was relieved that he couldn’t hurt anyone else, the way he hurt me.

“The way he hurt so many people and ruined so many lives. There are some people who will think whoever killed him is a hero. But somehow he’s still doing it, messing with my life.

"He’s dead and he’s still playing games with me. I don’t know who killed Andrew Earlham, but I’m not taking the fall for it. He’s not going to ruin my life all over again.

"I DID NOT MURDER Andrew Earlham.”

"I best find out who did then," says Katherine Kelly's cop.

What else do we know about Liar season 2?

  • The second series is six parts
  • Liar series 2 was filmed in Deal and Kingsdown in Kent. And in the Essex marshes.
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