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Jodie Marsh: 'We got death threats while filming On the Game' (VIDEO)

Jodie Marsh says she and her film crew got death threats when they filmed her new TLC documentary about prostitution, Jodie Marsh on the Game.

The TLC documentary screens on Tuesday and she told that they travelled to Germany, Amsterdam and Manchester to film all aspects of life on the game, from street walkers in England to a gang bang in Germany.

"It's quite dark in places, it's quite scary," said Jodie. "I mean we got death threats while we were filming it, from pimps and brothel owners and all sorts... [The documentary is] very insightful, but in a way that we haven't seen on TV before because we're really delving into prostitution in a really big way.

"I go and sit in a window in Amsterdam in the red light district and I pretend to be a prostitute to see what it's like to be that piece of meat in the window."

Watch Jodie talk about Jodie Marsh on the Game: