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Julie Hesmondhalgh: 'You'll see my first ever sex scenes in Cucumber!' (VIDEO)

After Julie Hesmondhalgh's brief appearance as stressed mum Chloe in the first episode of C4's comedy drama Cucumber last week, prepare to see more of her in the thick of the action, including some racy scenes!

Julie joked to What's On TV: "Yes, I have my first ever sex scene in Cucumber, but don't be alarmed, don't be alarmed public! You don't see anything! It's an unsuccessful sex scene, I think I can reveal without it being too much of a spoiler, so I don't actually go too far with it. There's just a bit of rolling around on he bed."

Watch Julie talk about her role, playing a mum-of-two and the sister of lead gay character Henry (Vincent Franklin), as well as working with the show's writer Russell T Davies and what else we can expect from Chloe in Cucumber and its E4 spin-off Banana in the weeks ahead.