Kelly Macdonald opens up about THAT Line of Duty interview as final episode trailer drops

Jo Davidson

Kelly Macdonald says Line of Duty is 'unlike anything I’ve ever done'

Kelly Macdonald appeared on BBC Breakfast this morning to chat about the sixth episode of Line of Duty season six, which aired last night.

In her short interview with presenter Dan Walker, Kelly opened up about how difficult it was to film the nearly 30-minute-long pivotal interview between Jo Davidson, DCS Carmichael and AC-12. 

Kelly called the interrogation “really daunting” and gave a few details about how the scene came together. The scene took two days to film, and Kelly said the first day was “very serious” as “everybody was very conscious of what I had to achieve, because the scene is very up and down, emotionally.”

She went on to explain that the scene was  “unlike anything I’ve ever done” because it took over half an hour to film each take and required more than 50 camera set-ups to film the whole thing.

Earlier in the interview, Kelly Macdonald also revealed that she finds it hard to watch Line of Duty. She said: “I'm in this weird world where I'm not watching it and I'm also not going online.

“I watched the first episode and also went online, and then it took me a week to not be mental anymore… It was just too much for me."

Did Kelly Macdonald give anything about the season finale away?

Fans hoping to get more info about the series finale from this interview will be disappointed. Dan Walker did his best Ted Hastings impression as he tried to get spoilers out of Kelly Macdonald, but she gave absolutely nothing away. Clearly, none of her time AC-12’s glass box was wasted! You can watch the whole BBC Breakfast interview here.

Line of Duty season six concludes this Sunday at 9pm on BBC One. If you need to catch up, you can find every previous episode on BBC iPlayer.

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