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Liar ITV drama finale: The 5 BIG Questions Fans Want Answered!

Liar ITV drama final episode 6 Joanne Froggatt

Liar has been one of the biggest shows of the year - here are five huge questions we want answered by the final episode

Liar, starring Joanne Froggatt and Ioan Gruffudd, reaches its thrilling climax tonight on ITV.

Here are the five BIG questions we want answered as the show’s tensions build to an explosive conclusion

1. How far will Laura go to bring Andrew down?


(Image credit: JOSS BARRATT)

The traumatised teacher has already kidnapped and drugged Andrew but could she go to greater extremes to bring him to justice?

2. Could Andrew’s secret evidence be discovered?


Andrew has hidden drugs, a video camera and memory sticks in his elderly friend Sylvia’s (Eileen Davies) shed, presumably featuring recordings of his crimes. Will Sylvia’s carer Mia (Ivana Basic) find them?

3. Will Vanessa tell her partner Jennifer what happened to her?


The shocked detective has confided in colleague Rory (Danny Webb) about being raped by Andrew, but how would soldier Jennifer (Jill Halfpenny) react if she found out?

4. Can Laura forgive Katy and Tom?


Laura was rocked by the news that her sister (Zoe Tapper) had an affair with her ex-boyfriend (Warren Brown), but as both have been embroiled in her investigations does she still need them?

5. Will Luke discover the truth?


The troubled teenager has tried to remain loyal to his dad, but as events escalate, will more doubts start to creep in?

Liar concludes tonight on ITV at 9pm.