Line of Duty fans spot huge cameraman blunder in latest episode

Line of Duty blunder

Did you spot this error in Line of Duty?

Watching Line of Duty requires a lot of focus, and eagle-eyed fans are used to spotting throwbacks or making up new theories. 

In season 6, episode 3, fans instead spotted a huge mistake about halfway through the show. Just after officers from AC-9 turned up to conduct some routine drugs tests at AC-12, Steve Arnott panics and makes a quick escape in the lift. Nervously, he rides the lift down, grappling with the realisation that Ted Hastings must know about his growing drug problem!

As the scene went on, fans noticed that a member of the filming crew made a surprise appearance in the show. Initially, the shot shows the city outside AC-12's office. As another building blocks the window, though, you can spot another figure inside the lift...

If you're quick, you can make out the figure of a cameraman riding the lift down with Steve on the left side of the frame! They'd clearly not do very well with undercover work.

Line of Duty fans quickly took to Twitter to point out the blunder.

Others very quickly piled on, dreaming up jokes to try and explain the shadowy figure’s existence in the show. One suggested the cameraman must somehow collaborating with the final member of H! Others suggested the figure was the ghost of Dot Cottan, or even a hallucination!

AC-12 have been plagued by enough problems this season. Ryan Pilkington has made his way into the police service, Kate’s split off to work at Hillside Lane station, and DCI Jo Davidson is giving them the runaround as they continue to investigate Gail Vella’s case. The last thing they need is a rogue cameraman feeding evidence back to the OCG!

Line of Duty season 6 continues on Sundays at 9pm on BBC One. You can catch up with previous episodes on BBC iPlayer right now.

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