'Line of Duty' star Daniel Mays shares huge 'H' hint for Season 7

Line of Duty Season 3 recap
Daniel Mays as Danny Waldron in Line of Duty Season 3. (Image credit: BBC/World)

It’s now been two months since Line of Duty Season 6 came to its divisive ending in the UK. The action-packed sixth season ended with a much quieter finale that saw AC-12 unmasking Superintendent Ian Buckells as the fourth man, but many fans weren’t quite happy with the story wrapping up the way it did.

Daniel Mays, who played Sergeant Danny Waldron in Line of Duty Season 3 has just sparked debate over the possibility of what might happen in Line of Duty Season 7 if another series is announced by the BBC.

Appearing on ITV’s This Morning, Daniel Mays revealed that he doesn’t think AC-12 caught H after all! He admitted that he thinks DCI Marcus Thurwell could still be alive and that he could be the one pulling the strings in the OCG!

Phillip Schofield asked “You don’t think James Nesbitt’s dead, do you?”, and then Daniel explained his theory. He said: “I don’t know this, don’t take it as read, but I’ve got a sneaky suspicion that he might be the main man.”

Holly Willoughby agreed with Daniel’s theory, especially after he pointed out that we never really got a close-up of the bodies in Thurwell’s home. Perhaps they were put there to allow Thurwell to make his escape?

The trio went on to discuss why series creator Jed Mercurio would waste a prominent actor like James Nesbitt on such a small part. He played Marcus Thurwell, but viewers only saw his face on police reports and in photographs and never got to see him in action!

Daniel added: “James Nesbitt is a phenomenal talent, so maybe it’s just Jed Mercurio dangling the carrot, who knows? I wouldn’t put it past him… he killed me off, didn’t he! He could do anything!”

There’s still no confirmation whether Line of Duty will return just yet, but with dodgy Chief Constable Philip Osborne still working within the force and Marcus Thurwell potentially still at large, there seem to be plenty of bent coppers who could still be out there for AC-12 to chase down!

Line of Duty is available to watch on BBC iPlayer in the UK. US viewers can stream all six seasons of the show on BritBox.

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