Man vs Bee viewers praise 'legendary' Rowan Atkinson as new Netflix series drops

Rowan Atkinson as housesitter Trevor
Man vs Bee: Rowan faces off against a winged insect in this new comedy. (Image credit: Netflix)

Man vs Bee has dropped on Netflix and fans are loving Rowan Atkinson's return to slapstick comedy for the first time since 2018.

We last saw Rowan in Johnny English Strikes Again, where he played the titular spy, and now he's taken on a very different role as he plays house-sitter Trevor who gets into an ongoing battle with a bee while he looks after a very luxurious home.

Comprised of short ten-minute episodes, we follow Trevor as he tries his best to keep the house in order, look after a dog named Cupcake, and deal with this annoying bee, but things go from bad to worse as he ends up destroying most of the house and the expensive belongings in there!

The silly comedy series has been well received by fans, with many reflecting on his time playing iconic buffoon character Mr. Bean for several years and they're pleased to see he's back on top form.

Many fans called him "legendary", impressed with Man vs Bee's comedic timing and ridiculous scenarios that Trevor gets himself involved in throughout the course of his time house-sitting for a rich couple, with Twitter enjoying the new series that's perfect for a Friday binge-watch session.

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In our review, we said: "Rowan Atkinson is arguably best known for giving us the awkward and accident-prone Mr. Bean. This week, he makes a welcome return to our screens playing an equally bumbling house-sitter called Trevor, who’s assigned to look after a luxury mansion and ends up getting into all kinds of scrapes… with a bee! 

"With strategically placed statues, priceless paintings and a lively dog thrown into the mix, you can see the jokes coming a mile off and inevitable comparisons will be made to Rowan’s much-loved Mr. Bean. If you’re looking for laughs, you would ‘bee’ mad to miss this!"

Speaking about his previous role and how people might compare it, Rowan added to us: "I’d be surprised if people didn’t make comparisons because, ultimately, it’s me as a performer, in a largely non-verbal space just like Mr. Bean. I’ve only got one face, and there’s a limited number of expressions it can pull. 

"But I hope people see Trevor as a distinct character from Mr. Bean. I think Trevor’s a more three-dimensional, believable, nicer man, whereas Mr. Bean is a self-regarding, narcissistic, anarchist! Trevor isn’t like that."

Man vs Bee is now streaming on Netflix.

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