Man Vs Bee: confirmed release date, plot, cast and everything you need to know about Netflix's new comedy

Rowan Atkinson as Trevor Bingley in Man Vs Bee
Rowan Atkinson stars in Man Vs Bee. (Image credit: Netflix)

Man Vs Bee will see Rowan Atkinson returning to the world of physical comedy in a new Netflix series about one man's struggle against a troublesome insect. 

Atkinson is a familiar face to millions of viewers all over the world thanks to the international success of slapstick character Mr Bean and Netflix will be hoping the star can achieve cut through with global audiences. 

The series has been created by Atkinson with the help of Will Davies, with whom he previously collaborated on the Johnny English film franchise. 

Here's everything we know about the show, which is sure to leave viewers buzzing... 

Man Vs Bee release date

Man Vs Bee arrives on Netflix on Friday, June 24, so will join some of the other summer releases for the streaming service. It will be made up of 10 episodes, each of which will run for just 10 minutes.

Rowan Atkinson in Man Vs Bee

Rowan Atkinson in Man Vs Bee. (Image credit: Netflix)

Man Vs Bee plot

Netflix outlined the premise of the new series in a statement: "Renowned actor and comedian Rowan Atkinson plays a new character in this riotous comedy. A man finds himself at war with a bee while housesitting a luxurious mansion. Who will win, and what irreparable damage will be done in the process?"

The show is one of several Netflix are making in the UK after the streaming giant set up a UK team to develop production in the country.

Vice President, Original Series Anne Mensah said: "Setting up a team entirely based in the UK was always about being able to better connect to the fantastic program makers we have here — to provide a space for writers, producers, directors and actors that feels local, friendly and familiar but also provides talent the opportunity to make shows that will impact on a global scale."

Rowan Atkinson as housesitter Trevor

Rowan Atkinson as house-sitter Trevor. (Image credit: Netflix)

Man Vs Bee cast

Alongside Rowan Atkinson, we now have other confirmed names starring in Man Vs BeeCrazy Rich Asians star Jing Lusi has been added who plays the role of mansion owner Nina, whose home is being house-sat by Rowan Atkinson's character.

Julian Rhind-Tutt (Bridget Jones’s Baby), plays Nina’s husband Christian, Greg McHugh (Fresh Meat), is the Gardener and White Lines star India Fowler plays a character named Maddy.

Claudie Blakley (Manhunt), who plays Trevor’s ex-wife, and Tom Basden (After Life) as the Police Officer rounds out the cast.

What has Rowan Atkinson said about his character?

In an interview with What To Watch, Rowan revealed how important it was that Trevor was different from his legendary comedy character Mr Bean and if people might make comparisons...

He said: "I’d be surprised if people didn’t make comparisons because, ultimately, it’s me as a performer, in a largely non-verbal space just like Mr Bean. I’ve only got one face, and there’s a limited number of expressions it can pull. 

"But I hope people see Trevor as a distinct character from Mr Bean. I think Trevor’s a more three-dimensional, believable, nicer man, whereas Mr Bean is a self-regarding, narcissistic, anarchist! Trevor isn’t like that. 

"I can also confirm that at no point does Trevor end up with a turkey on his head!"

Man Vs Bee trailer

Netflix has finally dropped the Man Vs Bee trailer, and it gives us a look at some of the chaos that bumbling dad Trevor causes as he tries (and fails) to get rid of the pesky bee plaguing Nina's fancy mansion. 

Man vs Bee Beano comic strip 

Man vs Bee comic strip

Rowan Atkinson has been immortalised in a special Beano comic strip to celebrate the release of Man vs Bee. (Image credit: Netflix)

Comedy legend Rowan Atkinson has been immortalised in a special Beano comic strip to celebrate the upcoming release of Man vs Bee.

The unique comic strip marks Rowan's comeback to our screens with his first brand-new comedy character in over ten years.

To commemorate his first TV comedy creation in over a decade, his starring role of the hapless house sitter Trevor is now featured in an iconic crossover with the world's longest running comic.

Drawn by Beano illustrator Nigel Parkinson, the comic stars Rowan as the series' eponymous hero Trevor, an unfortunate house sitter who tries to take care of a luxury mansion, until chaos erupts when it's invaded by a mischievous bee.

Inspired by his slapstick actions from the show, the strip transports Trevor to Beanotown, where he comes face-to-face with serious difficulties alongside a number of famous characters, including  favorites such as Dennis, Gnasher, Bea (Dennis’s baby sister), Minnie, Pieface, JJ and Rubi.

The comic strip tells the story of Trevor attempting to house-sit for the Mayor of Beanotown (Walter's father) as the family go on holiday. However, mayhem ensues as Trevor hilariously wrestles with a bee, which leaves a trail of total destruction.

Rowan said about the comic: “Like many British school children I was an avid Beano reader. Beano remains a unique piece of our pop-culture, and something that has been shaped by and shaped British comedic sensibilities for over 80 years. I am genuinely thrilled that my alter ego, Trevor, has been immortalised in the Beano world.”

The bee-spoke comic strip is available exclusively on and gives a teaser of what’s to come before the release of Man vs Bee.

Man vs Bee comic cover

(Image credit: Netflix)
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