‘Married At First Sight UK’ fans commend Matt for sticking up for Luke in uncomfortable scenes

Married at First Sight UK couple Luke and Morag
There was trouble brewing between Morag and Luke in last night's 'Married at First Sight'. (Image credit: E4)

Married At First Sight UK watchers were delighted to see Matt stick up for Luke against Morag at the final dinner party as the honesty box asked some intense questions regarding the remaining couples relationships. 

It was the last dinner party for the couples in last night’s episode (Tuesday Sept. 28) and a tipsy Matt was unhappy with Morag’s answers to some of the questions she was asked about her husband Luke, with Matt even fuming at one point, saying, “I’m going to explode,” as Morag spoke.

Fans will know that Morag and Luke’s relationship hasn’t been the most smooth sailing, with Morag trying to change Luke at the beginning and her trying hard to match the same feelings Luke has for her. 

Morag answers awkward questions about Luke in Married at First Sight UK

Morag tried to avoid answering awkward questions about Luke. (Image credit: E4)

When the honesty box was introduced at the dinner party, Morag was asked some hard-hitting questions about her relationship with Luke. When Morag answered that the most attractive thing about Luke is when he gets aggressive, Matt looked to his husband Dan and expressed his concerns.

“But that’s not him... that’s not him though,” Matt mumbled. Matt decided to intervene and questioned Morag, “Is the fiery side Luke? Or is that not Luke?” 

“It’s not Luke but it is a side of Luke that I hadn’t seen yet, and obviously, I need that fire, that passion,” Morag responded, but Matt looked visibly displeased with Morag’s answer. “Luke is such an amazing person, but Morag is not the person for him,” Matt revealed privately to the cameras.

Morag looked particularly anxious when the next question came up asking, 'Why wasn’t the old Luke good enough for you?' 

Some of the other couples gasped when Morag read out the intense question, meanwhile Matt was intent on knowing her answer, continuously saying “I really want to know that.”

Morag then turned to Luke and asked, “Can I just ask a question? Was the old Luke good enough for you?” Tayah then chimed, “Don’t flip it on him,” while Matt added in shaking his head, “No, don’t do that,” at Morag.

Morag answers awkward questions about Luke in Married at First Sight UK

Matt wasn't happy with Morag's answers to the uncomfortable questions being asked.  (Image credit: E4)

When Matt further pressed Morag for an answer, a deflated Morag responded, “I’ll be honest with you, when I met the old Luke, the Luke 1.0, I felt that Luke was still on a journey. Like you were still on a journey of self love, knowing who you are. I felt that. I picked up on that.”

Matt’s anger began to grow with her response, as she added to Luke, “It was hard for me to see you like that and struggling.” Matt was not convinced by Morag’s words and turned to Dan, as he seethed, “I’m going to explode any second”.

As Morag began to admit that she was wrong about things in the beginning, Matt asked, “And how does that make you feel now?”  Morag explained that even though she had her type at the start, her and Luke were on a journey of self discovery... “It wasn’t that Luke wasn’t good enough for me. He just wasn’t quite there yet,” Morag revealed.

Morag then broke down in tears, saying, “The people that we both were when we first met, on that honeymoon, compared to where we are now, are two completely different people and I feel like I’m still fighting for that.”

Fans on Twitter were also not convinced by Morag’s words and were proud of Matt for standing up for Luke, with one fan even saying that he should be 'knighted for his performance'... 

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As the final vow renewals linger, three of the couples spend time on their own to think about their future.

Married at First Sight UK continues tonight on E4 at 9pm — see our TV Guide for full listings. 

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