'Married At First Sight UK' Season 6 — air date, trailer, contestants and all you need to know

Married At First Sight UK Season 6 contestants.
Married At First Sight Season 6 will hopefully produce some successful couples! (Image credit: Channel 4/E4)

Married At First Sight UK Season 6 is now on E4 and we can't wait to see brides and grooms from across the country grabbing their bouquets and adjusting their buttonholes as they prepare to wed a complete stranger!

Gaining inspiration from the Australian version of the reality series, after it was a global hit with viewers, fans will be excited to hear that Season 6 will be filled with just as much drama and emotion over the 21 episodes. 

Channel 4 stated that: “The new UK series will be a bigger, more dramatic take on the format, following a fresh batch of singles as they search for love and a happy-ever-after with complete strangers.” 

They've definitely delivered on the drama so far! Megan and Bob's relationship is on the rocks, Ant and Alexis quit the show after their relationships broke down but have since reconnected as a new couple, and Adam and Tayah dropped the L-bomb after being married for just one week! If you need to get caught up on everything that's gone on, we've got a full breakdown of Married at First Sight UK Season 6 later in this article. 

When is Married At First Sight UK Season 6 on TV?

Married At First Sight UK Season 6 started on Monday 30th August on E4 at 9pm. The series continues Monday through Thursday at the same time.

We don't have a release date for the final episode, but we do know that the current series will be 21 episodes long. If you miss an episode or want to catch up with previous seasons, you can find them on All 4.

Who are the contestants for Married at First Sight UK Season 6?

There are 16 contestants for the series - but are there any matches made in heaven amongst the line-up? 

The brides

The grooms 

Which couples have tied the knot so far? 

So far, four couples have tied the knot. 26-year-old Business Protection Specialist, Robert and 26-year-old Wellness Coach, Megan, along with 26-year-old Nikita, who works in sales and 28-year-old Business Development Executive Ant. 

The other two sets of couples were 31-year-old Veterinary Nurse, Morag and 36-year-old Care Home Manager and Fireman, Luke. As well as 27-year-old Daniel who works in Sales, with 39-year-old Charity Worker, Matt. 

At the moment, couples Megan and Bob, and Matt and Dan are off to a good start with their initial connections and attractions to each other. However, couples Nikita and Ant and Morag and Luke have started off their relationships slightly fractured. 

Nikita was not impressed with her husband, saying “They’ve just done the total opposite of what I asked for” after giving the experts a big list of demands for how she wanted her partner to look. 

Morag was also unsure about her husband as she said, “I mean, I didn’t exactly get what I ordered.” They also had clashing desires in life, as Luke wanted kids whereas Morag didn’t. Although Morag didn’t get what she expected, she was willing to still give it a go and put her hope in the experts to know what’s right for her. Luke even started to grow on her in the end!

The next set of strangers to marry were 34-year-old Sports Journalist Amy and 26-year-old Josh, who works in Insurance and 47-year-old Strength and Conditioning Coach Franky who wedded 37-year-old Personal Trainer Marilyse. At the moment, Josh seems unsure on Amy's spiritual personality and Franky and Marilyse seem to be going well so far with their initial connection and attraction.

The final two couples to wed were 28-year-old Model, Alexis, and 27-year-old Personal Trainer, Jordon, along with 26-year-old Electrician, Adam, and 25-year-old Estate Agent, Tayah. Adam and Tayah had a quick connection and were instantly head over heels in love with each other (especially since they dropped the L-bomb after a week of knowing each other on their honeymoon!), whereas things didn’t go as smoothly for Alexis and Jordon as they struggled to find a spark. Jordon told Alexis that she’s not his usual ‘type,’ and even admitted at the commitment ceremony that he kissed fellow co-star Megan, leaving their respective partners devastated.

Since the couples went on honeymoon, Ant and Nikita had an explosive row, where they managed to make amends, but things further spiraled out of control when Nikita had a huge argument with Jordon at the dinner party and was kicked off of the show for her aggressive behavior. Now, Ant and Alexis, who quit the show, want to re-enter the competition as a couple after discovering their romantic connection at the disastrous dinner party, and fans are thrilled to see them back!

Who are the experts on Married at First Sight UK Season 6? 

The show has three relationship experts to assist the contestants on their marriage journeys and the potential problems that could surface between the couples. 

Melanie Schilling

Married at First Sight UK Mel Schilling

Mel Schilling has over 20 years of experience as a relationship expert.  (Image credit: Channel 4/E4)

Mel Schilling has over 20 years of experience as a qualified specialist in human behavioural performance and purpose. She has also been an expert on the Australian version of the show and is best known in the UK for her role on Married at First Sight Australia, which has recently been airing to millions on E4.

Paul C Brunson

Married at First Sight UK Paul Brunson

Paul appeared on the E4 dating show Celebs Go Dating. (Image credit: Channel 4/E4)

Last year, for the U.K.’s fifth series (which aired on Channel 4), Paul Carrick Brunson
had a 75% success rate, with three of the four matched couples still together now and one of the couples have recently had a baby, a series first!

Paul, also known for appearing on Celebs Go Dating, is an internationally recognised expert in interpersonal relationships, personal development, and entrepreneurship and is considered one of the World’s leading matchmakers, responsible for over 2000 marriages in his career.

He is described by Oprah Winfrey as “much more than a matchmaker, he’s a life coach.”

Charlene Douglas

Married at First Sight UK Charlene Douglas

Sex and Relationship expert Charlene Douglas who will be joining the trio. (Image credit: Channel 4/E4)

Charlene is an experienced Sex and Relationship Therapist based in London and has successfully worked with many couples across her career.

Not afraid to ask the tough questions, ne has developed a practice that allows couples to connect more deeply, communicate better, build trust and enjoy love and sex.

Charlene has also appeared as a sex therapist on E4 show, The Sex Clinic, alongside other TV appearances.

Charlene said: "I am delighted to be joining this new series of Married at First Sight UK. This is a brand-new role for the show and it is important to remember that these couples have just met and are going to be getting to know each other quickly.

"I'm really looking forward to getting to know them all and digging deeper into their relationships and finding new ways for them to connect. It's also really interesting to bring my knowledge alongside the expertise of Mel and Paul. As a trio, I think we will have a really great team.”

What happens in Married At First Sight UK Season 6? 

The unusual show’s aim is to form long-lasting marriages through the unconventional way of having complete strangers marry each other! Erm!! 

Across 21 episodes the series will follow eight couples as they meet for the very first time at the altar. Rather than legal marriages though, the couples will make life-long commitments to one another at a glamorous ceremony, overseen by a wedding celebrant, and includes guests, speeches, cakes and bridal gowns. 

After the ceremony is over, true love will well and truly be put to the test as the couples go on a luxury honeymoon before moving in with each other and their fellow couples. 

The relationships will be put to the test as the couples attend dinner parties and eventually decide whether they want to stay together or not. 

Is there a trailer? 

Yes! In fact, there are two. 

The first one introduces viewers to the new contestants for the show, each revealing their ideal man or woman... but will they each get more than they bargained for when they walk down the aisle? One contestant admits they should probably stop texting their ex, while another, rather confident contestant says he hopes his new wife can cope with him being more attractive than her! It looks like the drama is about to kick-off! 

The second trailer shows viewers clips of the new series, seeing the brides arriving for their big day and their nervous grooms waiting for them at the altar. There are also lots of tears on the trailer, with one disgruntled bride admitting "Well, I didn't get exactly get what I ordered, did I?!" Oh dear! 

Married at First Sight UK airs Monday - Thursday at 9pm on E4. 

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