'Married At First Sight UK' fans DELIGHTED Ant and Alexis are back

Married At First Sight UK contestants
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It’s been a tumultuous journey so far for some of the couples on Married At First Sight UK Season 6

In particular, Ant and Alexis, who both quit the show on Thursday night’s episode, along with their spouses Nikita and Jordon. However, after connecting at the dinner party, the pair have decided to re-join the show to explore their connection together, leaving fans overjoyed.

Both Ant and Alexis had their fair share of problems with their partners, where fiery Nikita had the ultimate showdown with Ant on their honeymoon and Jordon often complained about Alexis’ attitude and shattered her confidence when he told her that she’s not his usual ‘type.’ Alexis was then left devastated when Jordon admitted to kissing fellow co-star Megan at the commitment ceremony, which also left Megan’s spouse, Bob dejected.

There was an explosive dinner party as a huge argument broke out between Nikita and Jordon, resulting in Nikita storming off and being kicked off the show. However, fans were happy to see heartbroken Alexis smile again when she spoke to Ant at the dinner party, after having a disastrous honeymoon with Jordon. Sparks flew as they chatted and giggled with each other at the table and it was obvious that the two had an instant bond. Fans were then desperate for them to get together. 

In last night’s episode (Monday 13 September), while the remaining couples were doing "yes" week, Alexis and Ant looked completely smitten with each other as they sat and waited for expert Mel Schilling in a café, so that they could discuss the possibility of re-entering the experiment as a couple.

The pair gushed over each other, with Alexis saying, “I’m real chill around you. I’m very chill.” Ant beamed and agreed, telling her, “This is what I asked for, someone just calm and chill.”

When a surprised Mel arrived, Ant explained, “Alexis and I connected at the dinner party. Caught a bit of a vibe. Yeah, we got on well, I think we’re on the same page. 

So we would like to explore that but we’d also like to do it within the process, so we can still get the guidance, speak to the experts, and everything like that. If that’s something you would accommodate.” 

When Mel questioned Alexis about her thoughts on this, she said, “When I spoke to Ant at the dinner party, I just felt like I had my spring back. I was like giddy, you know, like a child when you fancy someone?”

Mel responded: “This is unexpected. And I guess my first reaction to this is that what you’re asking me is outside the confines of the experiment. Conventionally.”

She further explained that they would have to return to the show as a dating couple, rather than a married couple and that she would have to discuss this information with the other experts, Paul and Charlene.

Alexis and Ant seemed hopeful when she left and fans took to Twitter to express their excitement for the pair’s future on the show...

Tonight's episode promises to be a cracker. It will feature surprising guests at the second dinner party, while Amy and Josh reach a crossroads. Plus is a dream couple about to hit the rocks?!

Married at First Sight UK continues on E4 tonight at 9pm — see our TV Guide for full listings. 

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