'Married At First Sight UK' fans shocked as couple claim to love each other after a week!

Married At First Sight Season 6 couples
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Married At First Sight UK viewers were left gobsmacked at newlyweds Adam and Tayah dropping the L-bomb on their honeymoon after just one week.

The couple were completely smitten with each other on their wedding day, and now their affection has only grown during their luxurious honeymoon in Antigua, as they jumped in straight away in getting closer to each other.

When the pair were being matched by the experts in Married at First Sight UK Season 6, Michelle seemed slightly concerned that Adam had never been in a proper relationship before. “Here we have a man going from absolutely single to married,” she described.

However, it seems to be working in his favour so far as there have been instant fireworks between the couple ever since their marriage and their obsession with each other has continued to grow.

As the love birds sat down for a romantic dinner during their honeymoon, they shared some heartfelt words and expressed their love for each other.

After complimenting each other’s appearance, Adam said to Tayah that: "It's been unbelievable in't it? Feels like I've known you for, like, ages though, it's crazy. 

“I didn't know how I'd react to being in a relationship, how I'd react to spending all my time with a woman. You've made my life everything that I've ever sort of wanted..."

Tayah giggled and said, "You're making me all giddy!" 

Adam went on to say, "I've absolutely loved every single minute of it. I've never ever experienced the feelings I sort of feel like I’ve felt with you before, and I just wanted to say I definitely know that I do, um, love you. I know it's been a short period of time but I definitely do love you.”

A joyous Tayah replied, "I love you too. I really do, so much,” she added, "I'm just so excited to spend the rest of our lives together."

Viewers were taken-aback by their declaration of love and took to Twitter to express their thoughts...

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