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Michael Palin to go Around The World in 80 days again for the BBC

Michael Palin poses with a globe for his new BBC2 series Michael Palin's Travels
(Image credit: BBC/Firecrest)

Michael relives his classic adventures...

Michael Palin will revisit his legendary series Around The World in 80 days for a new four-part BBC2 documentary.

The Monty Python star will also look back on his other classic travelling adventure series - Pole to Pole, Full Circle and Sahara.

Micheal revealed that he kept a diary during Around The World in 80 Days, which had viewers gripped back in the 1980s. In the original seven-part series, Michael was challenged to follow in the footsteps of Phileas Fogg, who accepted a bet to travel around the globe in eighty days or less in the Jules Verne story.

Michael Palin smiling for Michael Palin's Travels

Michael Palin will revisit his famous travel shows (Image credit: BBC/Firecrest Films)

To make his epic journey harder, Michael wasn’t allowed to use aircraft and he had a heap of problems as he raced across the world.

Michael Palin says: “When I went Round The World In 80 Days back in 1988, I had no idea that travel would become an addiction, and that I would spend the coming decades filming these spectacular series across the globe.

"Luckily, I kept a diary, and in this series I’m digging into my archives to revisit some of the amazing places and people I visited, and asking myself - how did travel change my life?”

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Joanna Lumley will also take part in the Michael Palin series

Executive Producer Iain Scollay adds: “It’s a real honour and privilege to work with Michael on this project. While we all dream of foreign travel, to have Michael open up his private archive and replay the extraordinary trips of his life has been a wonderful treat."

The documentary series will also see the likes of Joanna Lumley and Simon Reeve - both known for their own travel exploits - pay tribute to Michael’s adventures. They will also recall some of their own travelling experiences.

It’s not yet been revealed when Michael Palin’s Travels will air on the BBC.