Walking with Dinosaurs 2: trailer, dinosaurs and everything we know about the dino reboot

A promotional teaser for the 2025 Walking with Dinosaurs 2.
(Image credit: BBC)

If, like me, the original Walking with Dinosaurs helped awaken in you a love of all thing dinosaurs, you'll be overjoyed to know that the classic documentary series is coming back!

First broadcast in 1999 and narrated by Kenneth Branagh, Walking with Dinosaurs was revolutionary in its use of CGI to depict dinosaurs, and it spawned loads of spin-offs including Walking with Beasts and Walking with Monsters. But nearly 25 years after the end of the original dino series, the BBC has announced that it's making a new version of the original show.

Dubbed by fans as Walking with Dinosaurs 2 or 2025 for reasons we'll get to (though you can probably tell), this reboot is already highly anticipated, and the BBC has shared some details about it.

So here's what you need to know about the rebooted Walking with Dinosaurs including when you can watch it and what it'll entail.

Walking with Dinosaurs 2 release date

While the BBC hasn't given a concrete release date window for the new Walking with Dinosaurs series, it's stated that the show will be "arriving next year", ie 2025.

That's why fans have started calling it Walking with Dinosaurs 2025, in order to differentiate it from the original series. We'll update this guide when a concrete debut is confirmed.

Walking with Dinosaurs 2 trailer

When it announced the return of Walking with Dinosaurs, the BBC shared an incredibly brief teaser for the show. It hasn't uploaded it to YouTube but other channels have:

Walking With Dinosaurs 2 (2025) | Official Teaser - YouTube Walking With Dinosaurs 2 (2025) | Official Teaser - YouTube
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The 10-second clip shows the logo for the show being unearthed from the ground, but we see brief glimpses at a creature's skull and tail. According to fans who know more than I do, this is of an Allosaurus.

We'll probably see many more trailers, and much longer ones, closer to the release of the show.

Walking with Dinosaurs 2 confirmed dinosaurs

Each of the six episodes of Walking with Dinosaurs 2025 will focus on the life and times of one 'classic' dinosaur, giving a more specific focus than the original.

Here are the three creatures confirmed so far:

  • Spinosaurus
  • Triceratops
  • Lusotitan

You probably know what a Triceratops is, and Spinosaurus is quite well-known too (if only from Jurassic Park 3) but the Lusotitan isn't as well known. It's a sauropod, or a giant four-legged creature, and you'll learn more about it during its episode.

Obviously these three creatures will bump into more famous dinosaurs, with the Triceratops set to have a showdown with a T-Rex.

When the remaining three episode's creatures get confirmed, we'll update this article.

Everything else we know about Walking with Dinosaurs 2

The BBC has confirmed that Walking with Dinosaurs 2 was created with reference to modern science, so we should see more scientifically accurate creatures than those in the likes of Jurassic Park or Jurassic World.

Each episode will be one hour long so we'll see lots of dino action.

The show was created by the BBC for its own broadcast but also for PBS in America, so US dino fans will have a way to watch it too.

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