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Midsomer Murders returns with Kelly Brook starring as a MURDERED bride!

Midsomer Murders Kelly Brook as a bride

Midsomer Murders fan Kelly had a 'hoot' playing a bride

Midsomer Murders viewers will be treated to a typically bizarre death when the ITV hit returns on Monday 6th January with Kelly Brook guest starring as the unfortunate victim.

Neil Dudgeon is back as DCI John Barnaby along with Nick Hendrix as his sidekick DS Jamie Winter in the new episode going out at 8.30pm tonight.

Midsomer Murders Till Death Us Do Part

Barnaby is less than thrilled at being at the wedding... but things are about to liven up! (Image credit: ITV)

The plot sees poor Barnaby dragged along to a wedding, but things liven up considerably when he and Winter find themselves at the centre of a murder investigation when the bride, controversial radio talk-show host Laurel Newman (guest star Kelly Brook), is found dead.

Kelly Brook as a bride in Midsomer Murders

Kelly Brook, who loves a dose of Midsomer Murders, had a great time playing a doomed bride (Image credit: ITV)

It’s been previously reported that Kelly’s guest appearance doesn’t last long before she’s killed, although it’s also been said that she will appear later in the episode in a flashback scene. And Kelly has described making a cameo appearance on Midsomer Murders as being a “hoot”.

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Back to the plot and in a cruel twist, the murderer apparently “squeezed to death” the bride using her own wedding dress corset! Her husband Gavin suggests that Laurel’s death must be to do with her outspoken nature on her radio show...

Midsomer Murders

Neil Dudgeon and Nick Hendrix as DCI John Barnaby and DS Jamie Winter

Meanwhile, Barnaby and Winter’s investigations take them to a local wedding fayre. However, the pair have another murder to investigate when someone is brutally killed with a tampered confetti cannon! It seems the murderer has a taste for slaying brides as the victim is also dressed in white.

Can Barnaby and Winter catch the killer in the story titled Till Death Us Do Part?

Midsomer Murders returns to ITV on Monday 6th January at 8.30pm.