'Murder Island': fans blast the 'cheap drama' in C4's new show

The detectives in Murder Island.
The detectives get to work at the scene of the crime in 'Murder Island'. (Image credit: © Hamish Brown/Channel 4)

Murder Island began last night, but some viewers weren't very impressed with the scripted sections of the show!

The first episode of the new C4 crime series saw the four teams of armchair detectives heading over to the Scottish Isle of Gigha to try and win a huge cash prize by solving a case penned by celebrated crime writer, Ian Rankin.

There, the police advisors running the show introduced them to the case they'd be trying to solve. Charly Hendricks, a young woman who had only arrived on the island six weeks ago had been murdered by one of the other islanders, and it was down to them to try and find out who was responsible.

The teams were very quickly set to work investigating the murder, visiting the crime scene in forensic gear, and then later heading off to interview the other islanders so they could start to narrow down a list of Murder Island suspects and build up possible motives for Charly's murder.

The teams didn't exactly make a great first impression on the experts, though. During their first day on the job, the teams realised that this case might not be as easy as they first thought, as some made crucial errors like walking through the blood stains at the scene of the crime and spreading them through the house!

Murder Island split up the investigative action with clips of the actors playing the major suspects in the murder case, and it was these points that really lost viewers. Plenty were shocked by the contestants' mistakes, but it was these scripted portions of the show that particularly annoyed them.

These sections disrupted the show and made it feel less structured, and plenty of viewers took to Twitter to share shared exactly what they thought about what many felt were the worst parts of the show.

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Will Murder Island's detectives get closer to cracking the case? Will the show pick up when it returns? We'll have to wait till next week to find out!

Murder Island continues on Tuesday at 9:15 pm on Channel 4. You can catch up with last night's episode on All4

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