'Murder Island' suspects — who's the killer in the C4 show?

Murder Island victim Charly Hendricks
Charly Hendricks was killed by one of these 'Murder Island' suspects... but who? And why? (Image credit: C4)

Here are the Murder Island suspects to help you find the killer in the new C4 series! 

The show sees viewers presented with a thrilling new case written by acclaimed crime author Ian Rankin. In teams of two, civilian detectives are tasked with getting to the bottom of who killed islander Charly Hendricks.

In the first episode, Charly's body is found at The Manse, an old rundown property that she had been renting from a local pub landlord. They'll uncover evidence that there was a land dispute between a rich Londoner and some of the islanders over property, and it seems Charly may have been in the middle of it.

There are eight suspects in total, each with their own unique profiles and potential motives for wanting to kill Charly. In this article we'll break down each of the Murder Island suspects in the C4 series, so you can learn more about them and try to figure out the mystery at home.

'Murder Island' suspects...

Suspect 1: Tony Slade

Murder Island Tony

(Image credit: C4)

Tony is the proprietor of a local pub that was once owned by his father. He is married to primary school teacher Sonya Sisoulu and the couple live above the pub together. The pub is also walking distance from the school Sonya works at. Tony owns a boat and enjoys taking trips with his wife, and the two are also keen walkers, claiming to have explored every inch of the island.

When he was a young man, Tony left the island to join the Army and he later worked in Glasgow as the doorman of a nightclub. He relocated back to the island to leave that life behind. Sonya wants to move away from the island, but Tony does not. 

Suspect 2: Sonya Sisoulu

Murder Island Sonya

(Image credit: C4)

Primary school teacher Sonya lives with her husband Tony, but is originally from London. Her parents settled there after coming over from Nigeria before she was born. Sonya met Tony when he was working in Glasgow, as she was doing teacher training there, and the two moved to the island together. However she found it difficult to settle on the island as some of the residents were unwelcoming towards her. She is happy with her job and marriage but would like to leave the island and start a family.

Suspect 3: Hamish Gowdie 

Hamish Murder Island

(Image credit: C4)

Hamish is a no-nonsense highlander, and has lived on the island all his life. He is from a long line of crofters on the island, but until recently ran the post office alongside his wife Jean Grant. Hamish's family lost their plot of land, which was swallowed up by the estate now owned by Cordelia Jameson. The estate has changed hands many times in Hamish's lifetime.

Suspect 4: Jean Grant

Murder Island Jean

(Image credit: C4)

Jean is a postmistress on the island, and visited the island on holiday eight years ago where she met Hamish. The post office also has a shop and is a central part of the local island community. Jean has revealed she found Charly to be a "breath of fresh air" and that she was really drawn to her.

Suspect 5: Freddie Forrester 

Murder Island Freddie

(Image credit: C4)

Freddie is a Glasgow gangster with a dark past, and now claims to be a legitimate businessman. He is new to the island and is a guest of Cordelia Jameson's, where he's staying in the same house as Alicia Devere. Alicia is not thrilled about this arrangement but her employer has ordered that it must be so.

Suspect 6: Alicia Devere

Murder Island Alicia

(Image credit: C4)

Alicia is young, glamorous and a go-getter, who works as an agent for Cordelia Jameson. She is a metropolitan keep-fit type who usually works in London but sees the island as a backwater. Alicia is currently staying in a big house owned by Jameson, who only visits the island once or twice a year. Alicia is described as being very focused on her work and can sometimes let her anger get the better of her. Lately she has been feeling the pressure.

Suspect 7: Ishbel Corrie

Murder Island Ishbel

(Image credit: C4)

Ishbel is a local photographer and a born and bred islander. She is gruff and not the most sociable person, but does have clout locally. She went to school with Tony and Hamish and so she knows both of these men well. Her photographs are sold in the local post office and are also decorating the walls of the pub. She dreamt of being a photographer but had to put being a wife and mother first. Ishbel can often be found in the pub, and definitely likes a drink.

Suspect 8: Logan Corrie

Murder Island Logan

(Image credit: C4)

Logan is the son of Ishbel, who collects lobsters, langoustines and scallops which are then transported to the mainland. He's frustrated with a lot of things on the island, including a lack of opportunities and potential girlfriends. He spends more time on his boat than he does ashore, and lives with his mother. His unnamed father died at sea, and Logan noticeably walks with a limp due to a childhood accident when he fell down the stairs.

Murder Island begins on C4 on Tuesday Oct 5 at 9:30pm. Episodes will be available on-demand via All4. 

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