Netflix axes this acclaimed show after one season

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The Midnight Gospel will not return for a second season after series creator Duncan Trussell confirmed the sad news on Twitter.

The series follows Clancy (voiced by Duncan Trussell), a spacecaster with a malfunctioning multiverse simulator, as he leaves the comfort of his own home to interview beings living in dying worlds. The surreal series included the voices of Trussell, Phil Hendrie, Damien Wayne Echols and Christina Pazsitzky.

The Midnight Gospel

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Despite having a Rotten Tomatoes score of 91 per cent and an IMDb rating of 8.2, Netflix has decided to cancel the series and not renew it for further episodes, as confirmed when a fan asked about the future of the animated series.

Via Twitter, they asked  "Are there plans for any more episodes of The Midnight Gospel? I would love to see more" and Duncan simply replied: "The Midnight Gospel was cancelled by Netflix."

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In follow-up tweets, Duncan added: "In my mind there’s one more season but the sentient glass 'deciding' cube they keep in their catacombs vibrated 'No more.' And it’s hard to argue with a cube.

"PS I’m so lucky that the folks at Netflix rolled the dice and let us make such a strange show. They were supremely supportive all the way through and I’ll love them forever for it."

Unfortunately, The Midnight Gospel is unable to be picked up elsewhere with Duncan explaining: "they own the rights so it’s dead", after fans questioned if they'd be able to watch it via another streaming service.

Netflix has not yet confirmed a reason for choosing to cancel the series, but it could be that not enough people had tuned in to justify making another season, despite all the positive feedback from loyal viewers.

Other series recently canceled include the supernatural series Archive 81, sci-fi show Another Life, and there are also shows slated to end in 2022 such as Grace and Frankie, Locke & Key and also Ozark which already ended in April.

Meanwhile, Squid Game and Stranger Things continue to rise in popularity, with Squid Game season 2 confirmed and fans eagerly awaiting Stranger Things season 4, volume 2.

Season 1 of The Midnight Gospel is still available on Netflix.

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