Netflix reveals secrets of how it gets viewers hooked on new shows without even knowing!


Have you followed one of Netflix's programme recommendations? Chances are you found your favourite show by using it, but would you have picked the genre?

Ever wondered how you got from Orange Is The New Black to The Crown and Stranger Things on Netflix? It turns out it is not just a coincidence or your lucky picks.

In fact, Netflix have a whole algorithm designed to ensure that it makes suggestions you are likely to enjoy, even if you've never watched the genre before. It isn't a crazy Netflix super-power, but it is still quite impressive.

Netflix have revealed that more than 80 per cent of the shows watched by users were discovered following the streaming network's recommendations. What's more, the company refuse to accept that anyone can be opposed to a certain genre. In its own words: "Great content knows no genre boundaries".

It pulled some stats which support this:

  • One in five Stranger Things fans were new to horror
  • One in seven Black Mirror fans had never ventured into science fiction before
  • One in eight Marvel television viewers were new to comic book-based content before Netflix recommendations it to them

The algorithm focuses on a show's key narrative characteristics rather than its genre. For example if you like shows with a female cast you are likely to enjoy GLOW and Orange Is The New Black.

Todd Yellin, vice president of product innovation, explained: "At Netflix we know genres are just wrappers, which is why we work hard to create algorithms that help members break these preconceived notions and make it easier for them to find stories they’ll love, even in seemingly unlikely places."

How to get from The Crown to Marvel The Defenders on Netflix:

If you love...

The CrownNetflix will recommend another award-winning British Drama 

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(Image credit: Netflix)

Black MirrorNetflix will recommend more science fiction

Stranger ThingsNetflix will recommend a little more 80s nostalgia 

GLOW > It will recommend something with more female empowerment 


Jessica Jones > It will recommend more superhero action 

And you'll end up with...

Marvel's The Defenders

Finally, Netflix’s collection of Marvel heroes gets its own supergroup...

(Image credit: Sarah Shatz/Netflix)

And that is how you make it from The Crown to Marvel The Defenders.

So if you really can't decide on your next series and are looking for something binge-worthy, chances are Netflix will know what you want before you do.