'No Return' viewers spot a huge error in the first episode

Sheridan Smith as Kathy in 'No Return'.
Sheridan Smith as Kathy in 'No Return'. (Image credit: ITV)

No Return has arrived on ITV this week, with the latest Sheridan Smith drama seeing her taking on the role of Kathy Powell, the mother of 16-year-old Noah. They're on holiday with their family but it soon takes a dark turn when Noah is arrested after attending a beach party.

He finds himself accused of sexual assault against another boy, leaving the family shaken and forced to navigate the legal system in a different country and try to piece together the truth about what has happened, tainting the family holiday they really wanted to enjoy.

Martin (Michael Jibson) puts his arms around wife Kathy (Sheridan Smith) in the police station, both with looks of anxiety on their face as they learn about the charges Noah is facing

Martin and Kathy were beside themselves when their son Noah was arrested in episode one.  (Image credit: ITV)

But while the series is meant to take place in Turkey, many fans have pointed out that it was actually filmed in Spain and have taken to Twitter to question this decision as some feel it has distracted them from the overall story.

Some fans have added that it should have just been set in Spain instead to avoid confusion from those familiar with the area.

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Due to travel restrictions being in place at the time of filming, No Return was filmed in Spain, Manchester, and Bolton which does explain why fans aren't seeing any on-location shots of Turkey.

As the series progresses, it will explore themes such as guilt, parental love, teenage consent, and just how far parents will go in order to protect their children, so it's set to keep audiences guessing and questioning what's really going on.  

Speaking about the series, star Sheridan Smith teased: "What happens to this family is so unexpected. They go off on holiday to Turkey which they have been really looking forward to and it turns into a disaster when their son Noah is arrested. I’m sure people will think about what they would do if that was their child."

No Return continues on ITV on Monday, Feb 14th February. All four episodes are now available as a boxset on ITV Hub.

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