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Our Girl fans DEVASTATED after this fan favourite is killed off

Our Girl
(Image credit: BBC/Ilze Kitshoff)

Tuesday's episode of Our Girl was a very emotional one...

Our Girl returned to our screens for series four last month, and it's already been an emotional one.

Viewers were close to tears during the first episode after heartbreaking flashbacks, and the fourth episode only upped the emotions.

In dramatic scenes, Frankie "Fingers" Stille (Sean Ward) died after suffering a bleed and collapsed lung.

Long time friend and sister-in-law  Georgie Lane (Michelle Keegan) tried her best to save him from the fatal gunshot wound, but was unsuccessful.

Our Girl Fingers

Fingers' death scene devastated Our Girl fans.

Fingers has been a long-time member of the Our Girl cast, and has been on our screens since the very first episode.

Fans were naturally devastated by the news, with many taking to Twitter to share their thoughts.

One wrote, "Never cried so much whilst watching a programme. Can’t believe Fingers has gone #OurGirl"

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Another added, "my whole day is offically ruined just want fingers back #OurGirl"

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A third said, "Feel so emotional goodbye fingers @seanjward #OurGirl"

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And a fourth added, "I’m still upset from watching fingers die last night #ourgirl"

Prior to his death, Fingers had just married Georgie's sister Marie Lane (Linzey Cocker) which only added more emotion to the scene.

Fingers actor Sean Ward spoke to Digital Spy recently about his devastating exit.

He revealed, "I don't think it's properly hit me yet. It's been seven years and I feel like I've actually grown up on the show."

"When I first joined the show I was a little kid and we just got dropped in Africa, I had no agent, I was just getting back into acting and a lot of the skills that you learn behind the show with the army training and the camaraderie, the team and the families you build I think has helped me grow as a man a lot."

Our Girl continues on BBC1 next Tuesday, 21st April.