Peter Kay to write book about his life working in television

Peter Kay
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After holding the record for biggest-selling hardback autobiography in British history for his book The Sound of Laughter, Peter Kay is back at writing again for his third autobiography all about his life on TV. 

As he recorded the audiobook version of his first autobiography with Audible, he was inspired to write his third book. According to Sky News he said:  "Within the first few chapters of recording, I was inspired to start to write a third book.

"I had the idea about 10 years ago. All about working in TV. From when I started doing bit parts in Coronation Street right up to Car Share. It's been a real joy recalling the memories. There's over 20 years of stories about filming series like Phoenix Nights and Max & Paddy's Road To Nowhere.

"Appearing on chat shows like Parkinson, at the Queen's Golden Jubilee and sharing letters from Ronnie Barker. We wrote to each other for years as pen pals until he passed away,” he added, "I'm very proud of it. I'll no doubt be recording that book too before you know it. I just hope people enjoy it as much as this first one."

Until recently, Peter has been keeping out of the spotlight, after cancelling his 2017 tour due to unforeseen family circumstances.

Peter has starred in many TV shows throughout his career, including Cradle to Grave, Roary the Racing Car, and That Peter Kay Thing.

His second book, Saturday Night Peter, published in 2009, was also a bestseller and due to these huge successes it comes as a surprise that he had never actually planned to write a book before, until someone else wanted to write a book about him:

"I wasn't happy so decided to write my own. If anybody was going to write about me, I thought I'd probably be the best person to do it,” he said.

"I didn't start writing until March 2006 and it had to be completed by the June. I remember sitting in my kitchen every day, blue skies outside and there I was typing away.

"I spent the first few weeks constantly clicking on the thesaurus, looking for better words.”

Peter also revealed that his priorities in life had changed, and being a father was more important than thinking about writing before.

He said: "I suppose life gets in the way. Becoming a dad changed my priorities.

"The trick is getting the balance right in your life. I think a lot of people were forced to realise that during the pandemic.

"I think a lot of people's priorities will have changed forever now. Hopefully for the better."

As he has been currently recording his first autobiography from home during lockdown, he has hopes that “It’ll lift people’s spirits,” and that “We all need a laugh.”

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