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Phillip Schofield's alarming time when he took on The Cube

Phillip Schofield has revealed how he once took on The Cube – while a fire alarm rang.

The host of ITV’s game show admitted he was in the midst of a game when the alarm started going off.

“I’ve played a few of the games myself and I was in the middle of one called Construction, where you have to build a tower out of Perspex tubes, when the fire alarm went off.

“I wouldn’t leave until I’d completed it. I think I’m the only person who has played The Cube with the added pressure of a fire alarm!”

The Cube is in its ninth series, and only Olympic champion runner Mo Farah has beaten the challenge and won £250,000 for charity.

“Every single person who walks out onto that stage thinks, ‘I’m going to beat The Cube’. But apart from Mo Farah, they’ve all come apart at the seams,” Phillip said.

“We were worried that we’d come up with a game that was unbeatable, but with Mo Farah’s combination of serenity, calmness and dedication on the night saw him sail through to win the top prize in 2012. Nobody has done it since. The celebrities are playing for charity, so that does mean there’s extra pressure.”

The Cube, ITV, Wednesday, 1 July, 8.00pm.